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Kapu Dec 2019
I did not have a name,
I was ephemeral at moments
but I was loved for existing,
regardless of the pain and the torments.
No justification needed,
no explanations necessary.
"Just you and I baby"
"We'll get through this together"
I thought I heard,
but what were words,
and what was meaning?

When I was inside her,
I had no worries or thoughts.
Ignorance was truly bliss,
no tumultuous introspections necessary.
I had no doubts,
no need for identity.
I was one with time
Little did she know me.
Well, as much as she knew herself.

Less space to swim,
but your soothing voice became more than a dream.
Who were you?
Aside from everything to me.
Without me, you'd be fine.
But mother, you were my source of life.
I sank.

And right before my clock marked nine,
yours marked ten.
I came to the world.
But the world wasn't yet a possibility.
All I knew is that I was born
and that I had been living
inside my mom.

"I'm bleeding, I am not pregnant after all"
I moved in without permission, inside my mother. It is true that she did not choose it, but was it vandalism?
I exist because she thought of me as existent. That mere fact was enough for her to give me a place to stay, with food, music, affection and uninterested care.
Nowadays, mothers like mine fly.

— The End —