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Whit Howland Sep 2019
For most poets
it's  an obsession
a nagging one

a golden thread
through out their whole
sartorial collection of verse

we poets wear
our art
like suits some

fit better than others
some garments

well some
just need to be shot
like lame horses

I'm being tangential
and sorry
for the cruel morbid simile

but for my obsession
the art deco flea circus variety

lately though
and hotel art

it could be that
I'm in a really good place
for once in my life

that I can just
binge and gorge
on still lives of

cheap grocery store roses  
whimsical pictures of prancing horses

Whit Howland © 2019
I tried not to imitate his style and keep it true to my own. But I can't resist talking about my poetics and poetry.

— The End —