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Kenshō Feb 3
giggling i dash
phases and i slip passed
cloak caught on mara's thorns
no one looks within
but only at what is worn
follow the barren arrow
toward the ancient barrows
where the winding ways become narrow
and all is resting still

Nothing is what for i asked
where simply i am present
no future or past
And ones mind isn't molded
like an egyption tomb
explicit in caste
but warm in the womb
display shoshin in bloom
to inherent the present's heirloom

and when all is like before it begun
does any other stand higher than one
because if we fight over either
we're bound to be done
M Sri Saravana Nov 2019
O' My lord of infinite layers,
You are the house upon I am built,
The self, that is I, is the echo of your's,
No more I can be, losing myself at ends,
I search for the path, enlightenment hails,
It is the line between all the extremes,
You, O' my lord Mara, the self-ego of me,
Dragging me to the extremes of my mind,
No more, no more, the land is my witness,
You are the illusion of my witted mind,
Let myself go of the idea of I, at last,
Let whatever is left, be at peace, at once.
Samuel Nov 2017
Watch him creep about,
that Prince of Pleasure.
He sets out fantasies,
digging in deeply.
Nagging thoughts,
aches and pains,
flash of want that feels like need.
Only lions can shake him off.
Kagey Sage Feb 2016
Oh there’s nothing you can do to turn this day around
The universe is set in black matter
and it’s oozing here consistently
Milady, Mara’s on another rampage
Try to sit down and enjoy
Maybe this rooftop will hold up long enough
to give us a sublime view
Ronjoy Brahma Nov 2015
गिदिँ गिदिँ सारि गिदिँ
सेजौनिबो बांसिन माय बजाखौ जाबनानै
दा आफाया माय मारा होदोँ
मानै जारसि मोसौखौ
दोँसे दिरुंजोँ संग्रायनानै
लासै लासै गंसे लावथिजोँ बुनानै
दा आफाया माय मारा होदोँ
लावथिजोँ बुस्रिबावदोँ
माय बिदां
सम सम सुखेनजोँ खायखांदोँ
गिदिँ गिदिँ बियो मारा होदोँ।
Kenshō Nov 2014
A beautiful tragedy,
This chaotic spinning
cosmos seems.
Extremities of life
battling at me.
A beautiful balance
between wrong and right.
And solemn at the center
From which all harmony bounds.
Is your heart of gravity,
Radiates the sky~
And is magnetic in the ground!
How this holy machines works
Dare I not to talk!

But of one thing I know,
And can observe it like
A divine show,
Is this revelation:
Deepness and darkness circumference the void!
And dear friend, know us not be alone!
Kenshō Aug 2014
I am the darkness, wings of the clipped;
Hovering light honoring all, I've been skipped.
This Mara's Illusion has tipped and tempted me.
Cut shins and broken knees, freedom, I plead!
Empty forests for me to scream, let me be freed.
Retracted backward and swallowed by Mara's creed-
Forever blind, no light to see.

— The End —