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You disgust me
your so unatural
Refuse to adapt
just be like everyone else
on this planet.
Your so cocky
don't care if your in the basement
in a penthouse
or a castle
are the wold's
8th wonder!
And right here
at the end of the rainbow
With you'r see ME attitude
Eyes glued to your smartphone
Screaming, almost as loud for attention
as the café latte your trying to order..
******* ****
Before the shitstorm starts..
i have no problem what so ever with either gay or lesbian people..
i just don't really like humans..
C H Watson Jan 2015
Place your finger on her chin
    Now draw a line down her throat and extend the trajectory
Why? Because then you get to touch her cleavage
    I thought it was self-explanatory

— The End —