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Those arms

They kept
Me up
At night

I didn't even
Care about basketball
But you did things

No one but
You could
My own hero

Or maybe not awkward
Maybe just

More evolved
Ahead of his time
A creature like

The dragon
Your back

In red and black
You flew just like

I imagined myself
On my 7.5 foot hoop
Late nights

We stayed up to
Watch even though
West coast games

Could run past

You were the closest
Thing I had
To a Demi

I lived with Malone
As a child but
Was too young to
Feel the magic
And appreciate it

My first hero was AK-47
Arms like shotguns he
Led a group of misfit
Leftovers to a winning
Season and every game
Was completely different

The opposite of Malone
And Stockton who were pillars
Of the Utah community and of
Basketball statisticians but
Not this actuary, I thought
They were old and boring

Carlos Arroyo, Raul Lopez
They were young and fun
And so much faster filling
In the Assist Man's shoes
It worked when they all
Predicted we'd break  down
Jacob Lyons May 2018
Skipping beats like rain in July
It was unexpected, but here it is
Still my arms are burning inside
As the heat punches and kicks
Why did I put a heavy coat on?
Just to prove that I was strong?
Strength should be knowing best
And getting this out of my head
So I'll cut off my hair and then
Put sunglasses on instead
Watching the waves of fire
From a distance I can desire
The day has ended once again
But we both know it's not the end

Are we even meant to be?
We can't be our enemies
But I'd really hate to see
You with someone that isn't me
Quit saying you're sorry
We both know what you mean
That the grass could be green
But right now it's all dying
You always get my attention
And my heart, not to mention
I smile when I see your name
I smile when I see your face
The day has ended one more time
But we both know we have the night

— The End —