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Anastasiia Apr 23
With my toes in the sand
I let my tangled curls down,
so they could float in the air;
catching the wind and gliding through it,
like the seagulls do.

The current carries
scents of the deep waters
and all its residents;
I breath it in,
and fill my lungs with serenity.

A toddler stumbles,
landing on the wet shore.
He giggles as gentle foam
reaches his tiny body;
gets up and falters away.

As he grasps
his first steps of perseverance,
I rest my head on my knees,
peer out on the coasts of Malibu
and practice the art of gratitude.
Madison May 2018
I want to drown my body in Malibu
Take my brain on vacation
For a couple hours
Leaving me feelin’ like
I can really taste the coconuts off the palm trees
And that the redness in my cheeks
Is indeed from a sunburn
I want to feel like I'm floating on waves
Take me as far away
From the shore as possible
I want to forget about all my troubles
While dancing to the L.A. music
Playing in my head
So take me away (to) Malibu,
My brain needs a ******* vacation from you.
enough said.

— The End —