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Ava Weiland Sep 2019
I like the way
shimmy up the wall.
Ava Weiland Sep 2019
here there is a layer of dust
beneath the air
it settles into our nostrils
under our fingernails
into the creases of our foreheads

boys kick it up with soccer *****
girls carry it beneath their *******
houses hold it with their roofs
the trees are at one with it
the sun is hazy

it is difficult to sing
but we try
Ava Weiland Sep 2019
the people here
seem most at home
in brightly colored clothing
fierce men casually strut in hot pink
women weave maroon and mustard yellow
into their hair
the deepest skin
brings to life
the most saturated of shades.
Claudia Tara Aug 2015
Sunlight shimmers
off sparkling snow,
shattered to fragments,
a blinding glow.
I squint my eyes
and shield my face
the way I once did
in a faraway place.
Closing my eyes
I am almost there
a memory conjured
by the glacial glare.
A dry Savannah
that was a school field
dry wind blows dust
and my eyes I shield.
The cold brings me back
to where I stand now,
my mind miles away,
I wonder how
I came to this place,
why am I here?
I know the reason
but can't fight back a tear.
I am lonely, homesick,
I want to go back.
To see out the joy
the present always lacks.
I know how it is,
how we all wish away
what we have now
for the thought of yesterday.
Alone or not,
I've no choice but to make do
with the life I've got.
It's not easy,
but I made my choice
I lift  my spirits
Lift my voice.
No matter how many times you do it, leaving the familiar for a new place is never easy. I will always recall the warmth of Malawi with fondness, even now I've grown used to the cold.

— The End —