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The  soul connection she felt with him was her first omen!
Most precious one but may be not the happiest.
Last winter, the green leaves  dried out.
East wind changed  it's fragrance.
Words of moment were altered.
Sign of Olives came  by that wind,
  was like the last one.
That time, she  forgot the quest of treasure,
Distance of thought was getting higher than ever.
But she thought the cascade of waiting is over.


It was  the time of realism for Another Omen,
No Time  for lamenting for the past thought she had.
Maktub!  New omen comes by changing the path of destiny, Not the destiny itself.
Persue of life meant to be followed anyway!

The Enchanted dream  that she has ,
was the  part of her melody of soul;
Only meant to become true.
After the long night,
At the moment of dawn,
Silence of heaven whispers the eternal truth of destiny!
Omen of Life - Inspired by the book "Alchemist"
Sometimes I’m afraid to talk to you openly
Sometimes I’m afraid to to talk to you anyway
These are the times, that I most regret
These were the times, ilost my way

Sometimes I think, you might not like me
Sometimes I think, you may even hate
These are the times, that I most regret
These are the times, icurse my fate

But these sometimes led me to a decision
And these sometimes made me realize
That fate is nothing, but it’s Maktub– already written
then why this misery and why this suffocation?
Ayelle Garcia Jul 2014
This is my epiphany,
To old self bid gone.

The servant-hearted,
Selfless and genuine soul,
Sheer blessing to us.

The Almighty God
Loved me for all that I am,
A love so ardent.

Such comforting wind
Sweeping off between my hair;
Here goes the chimes ring.

Great continuum,
Why such distance imposed
That wall between us?

Oh that lone guitar,
Let me caress such old strings
And I'll sing sweet songs.

The wheel of fate turns,
Made me search off the cosmos,
All leading to you.
An anthology of haikus I did for our Asian Lit class.

— The End —