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Dhaye Margaux Apr 2016

I have made some letters
Expressed every emotion
My sentiments and longing,
My faith and hope,
My fears and doubts,
My strengths and will,
My weaknesses and flaws,
My commitment
And made them all
Into paper planes

Like you're just in the other room
I will play with these planes
And make them fly to you

I saw the paper plane made by my son so I was inspired to write this...
Nirvana Dec 2015
You are there in all my mails
Though in attaining you I fail
You're there in all my accounts
Coz to your memories I'm eternally bound

Your name is my password
The date we met is the security check
Your messages now are mere words
To find the fault I'm reading it (messages) all back

With your thought I slept
Your portrait is on the rack
To which I stare all night through my shroud
With million thoughts and million doubts

The portrait still hangs at its place
But you are not here to solace
The insane heart still stares all the night long
But to you probably i'm a forgotten/old song
I'll delete it (mails and accounts) all
like one delete account's history
I may move on and stand tall
but you'll be an unsolved mystery¡¡¡

— The End —