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Ceida Uilyc Mar 2018
They call us Madrasis
Incarcerated Buddhas
Not Cholas nor the Devadasis
But agglomerated Cheras.
Who knew the Pandyas, anyway?

They call us Archetypes
On Iridescent Thalis
Of Sambars and rice cakes in thin stripes
Slurping on leafy banana like malis.
Who knew the God’s Own Country anyway?

They call us Annas
Sandalwood Veerappans

Lemon for Evil at four annas
Skirting Lungi blooms and Hairy Chappans*
Where is Madras anyway!
*Hindi Word= Mali= Gardener
*The Famous South Indian Dacoit of Sandalwoods
*Hindi Word= Chappan= Chest, Wealth

A commentary on how people in the North Segregate people of South India. Although subtle, oftentimes, harshness of the racism pulls you to freefall through bores of molten shivers.
To North Indians out there, I’m not a Madrasi. I’m not a Mallu. Call me a Keralite. Call me a Malayali. I will rebut regionalism with another sharded verse!

— The End —