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Dennisk Feb 2020
Dexterous hands, unmoving stare to your screen
gulp then sip your steaming cup of tea
through that stray strand of hair
Did it never heed?
Reward the waiter's cliché stance for a tip
with an exasperated sigh
Tire in the morning?
Now I know what you'll have for supper
All in ten minutes before you leave
I watch you through my stitch
edging closer to notable madness

But I'm okay with it
Cal Ashiq Feb 2017
I'm consumed in the thought of my dear
As i stare at the vast ocean and lay here
The cool breeze that softly brushes my cheek
Reminds me of your touch that makes me weak

This glimmering star is like your smile at day
Such beautiful sight that removes all my dismay
How I long to have you in my arms again
To be with you till the very end

Won't you come and be with me my dear
Remove this pain and all I fear
For it is only your presence that suffices above all
In this love for you I'll always fall

Please embrace me as i close my eyes tonight
You're the only one i need my shining light
Bless me with a kiss from your soul
I'm always yours my darling I call
Just Melz Oct 2015
Music* is
my motivation
for life.

Life is
my motivation
for poetry.

Poetry is
my motivation
for love.

— The End —