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Zach Short Jul 2019
the coolness of untainted air

seeps deep into your lungs,

as glacial peaks and frozen lakes

become your ladder rungs,

reaching new heights - expanding your sight,

a horizon, soon undone,

with visible breath and stolen speech -

eye-level with the Sun.
climb on.
Zach Short Jun 2019
the bloom and shape

and way you grow,

evoking blush and calming woes.

balancing both the delicate and bold -

reminding admirers:

to mind how they hold.
always you - all ways the rose.
Zach Short Mar 2019
don’t stop believin.’

the record begins to play -

everyone’s singing.
streee-eeet light peeeeee-eeeoplllllll-el-el-eeeeeeeeee DON'T STOP!
Zach Short Feb 2019
warm hands fingerprinting crisp glass.
oscillating breaths -
between clear and opaque.
a calming condensation.
an understanding of balance.
no matter the cold - your radiance endures, sweet child.
Zach Short Jan 2019
your atoms collide

even as you sit - you are:

a mass potential
you are more than a battery or a snowball or fodder for a rube goldberg machine - your energy is intentional.
Zach Short Jan 2019
be like the seed:

fall to the ground…

and soil yourself.

this is the pathway to growth.
Zach Short Jan 2019
tryptophan and cream

gently whispering, “goodnight”

be even. be whole.
This poem brought to you by The Coalition for Poetic Dairy Farmers (CPDF).
Zach Short Jan 2019
vice, vice, vice, vice, vice,

vice, vice vice, vice, vice, vice, vice,

vice, vice, vice - no guilt.

— The End —