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EJ Lee Jan 2019
You are beautiful
Through the eyes of many
But the only eyes that
Truly matter
Are is the ones that
Comes from heaven above
Through our creator eyes
He made us
Only if we truly believe
In this beauty
That he has given us
We become
Beautiful Inside
And out
amuba Nov 2018
I thought I was lost
Between these fangs of turmoils of life events
I thought I was nobody
Having fallen so much I didn't even realize
I thought I had nobody
Scared to trust and willing to runaway.

Not really!

Mind plays such games with us sometimes
Reminds us to pick ourselves up
I HAVE to be lost time to time to get back to my path
I AM somebody to my mom, my father, my brother, my family
I have MYSELF all along
I don't know why I doubt myself so much
All I need is my trust in my own and never fear anymore.
While trying to please everyone we forget about the most important person, ourselves. Love oneself and we will love everyone from the heart.
Brian Payamps Dec 2016
I never praised a girl like Amber Rose
Beautiful in her physique
But the mind is shallow like the sea
We are living in a different era where intimacy doesn't exit
Where boys and girls display their bodies like canvases for all to see
I remember when you got a picture of her in bras and ******* you were a ****
I remember when dates were more than a free meal ticket
I remember when phone conversation existed
I never praised a girl like Amber Rose
But many man have, and fallen in that trap
'Till they have their own daughters and don't want them to be like their mothers  
A generation full of strippers and gold diggers
Who will be our lawyers and teachers of tomorrow
I love a woman that feel comfortable in her own skin as long as is not at the expense of her integrity
Kale Aug 2015
I am not as beautiful
As my ice cold heart,
Which glimmers each time
We experience pain.
But I will not waver
Because they say I belong in a fortress
To hide this outer shell
And this soul that crawls within me.

I would dream of endless nightmares
In which I obtain the beauty like
My callous heart
But then I would realize I would
Loose those who are special.
And don't care if I am a goddess
Or human.

— The End —