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Puny Penguin Jul 2020
You are gorgeous, simply beautiful
the fact, indisputable, irrefutable
you are worth it all, and you're enough
thank you for being the you I know
and have come to love.
I love you without hesitation.
Words of Affirmation

If I were there with you now,
I'd be giving you a comforting cuddle
I'd run my hand through your hair and hold you close
a kiss to the forehead, pure, not sensual
I'd hold your hands, warm them with mine
and be with you all the time, because to you it means so much
Physical Touch

I'd get you your favorite ice cream
with extra toppings, just how you like it
I'd write you letters and poems, I'll send them in the mail
I'd leave you small notes, and make you small trinkets
I'd get you the first editions of your favorite books,
I'd make you the shelf on which they'd be living
Gift Giving

We could go out to the city, just the two of us
Take a walk through the park, sit and talk for hours
I'll be there for you, and only you
you'd have my 100% undivided attention
I could go to yours, or you could come to mine
and that's all we'd ever need, each other's
Quality Time

Would you like a hand with that?
I'm here to help. I'll help you sleep on time
and wake you in the morning with breakfast in bed
don't stress about your workload we'll work together instead
I can proofread your essays, and help with your homework
We'll work on things together, as no problem should concern us
Acts of Service
five love languages, which one are you?

— The End —