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Boygene Borice May 2018
Can you estimate the worth of love?
Can you measure the beauty of love?
Love that sprouts from the heart,
And flourishes beyond the boundaries of the soul?

My Love, it’s only through love,
This kind of love, that I see you.

When they complain about your architecture,
It shakes not my heart,
I look beyond your curves,
For my love is not like a sketch of a building.

When they will mock you of your voice,
My lips will not join them,
Neither my heartbreak at their shouts,
For my love is not built upon vocals.

If your décor becomes mixed,
I will not turn away from you,
Neither seeks for you, a new skin,
For my love is not founded on art.

When you go wrong, I will still love you,
When you turn away, I will still be with you,
When you fall, I will stay with you,
True love forsakes, never.

What’s better than love that lives,
Beyond what the eyes of man see?
What’s meritorious than affection,
That ignores human expectations?

In your imperfections, I still adore you,
In your regrets, I still exalt you,
You are the one I revere, always,
With every fiber of my being.

When I see you, I see an August woman,
When I see you, I see an honorable woman,
With your faults, you are recherché,
Whom my heart adores and loves it's all.
love is the most precious thing ever

— The End —