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Nie Feb 2019
Love is that drug
i  heard of it
And what it can do to you
Never tried it
And scared for the side effects of it.
Britney Lyn Jan 2018
And just like medicine you are my cure, but the more of you I take, the more determental my health becomes
I no longer medicate myself to the thought of you.
Mariel Pamintuan Jan 2016
You are my sweet escape.
You help me get out of my blues
and paint my world in different hues.
You are my source of vigor.
You get into my body,
flow through my blood,
seep into every part of me
and I will feel alive.
You are a wonderful chaos.
When the world turns me down,
you will make me feel so high.
When people make me cry,
you will suddenly make me laugh so hard.
When darkness surrounds me,
your rays of light will shine on me like
dawn after hours of being blind.
You make me see things that others cannot see,
make me hear soft caressing whispers that others can never hear.
That makes me feel special in someway
You give me freedom to do what I want without any hesitation.
You give me courage to go extreme without fright.
You give me happiness,
unexplainable feeling that needs a zillion words to be described.
They say I'm crazy
they say you are just an imagination, hallucination, a fancy..
an opposition to what is real..
'cause real is pain, real is fear, real is sadness.
You are surreal, but I believe in you.
I want to believe that someone so good as you could be true.
I want to believe that life is more than just rue,
that my life isn't about having insanity, but liberty..
Liberty that I found in you.
You are an abyss I am more than willing to fall in.
You are my drug.
I love you. Yes, I will forever be addictively in love with you..
helena luce Oct 2015
To love someone is not as simple as it seems.
Once you discover the meaning to love, it becomes a chronic drug.
Love is not just one feeling, but an array of emotions strung together.

I'm worried I have deactivated my emotions, My subconscious has forced my body numb and my mind astray.
I can't seem to think clearly
It's like I've forgotten already.
But how?
Its way too soon to have forgotten.
I ask myself "this is big, how can you forgive?"
My answer: Simple, I'm addicted.
They ask me "what's wrong with you? How can you go back to him?"
My answer: I can't explain.

How can I love someone who has done nothing but hurt me over and over?
How can there ever be trust?
How will we get through this?
I ask myself several questions everyday.
Still have no answers.
He's my drug.
And I'm in love.
C Nov 2014
Black on blue
Eyes like the moon
Delicious, melt-in-your-mouth licorice
Call her sassy, but she sways savvy into your life
Binds your mind and body into one
Barrier destroyer of all dark forces, carrier of light
Pure and innocent, she carresses your mind
Vibration uplifted and intelligence becomes gifted
Quick, yet graceful
One of many doors
That your higher self knocks on
Alli Dalzell Aug 2014
Let me be the substance of your addiction....
Swallow me whole or drink me up
Or in hale me and let me fill you up.

Let me be the substance of your addiction
Snort me up...
.inject me ....
.poor me till you get your fill
roll me up...
light me up ....
or pop me like a pill  .....

I want to be that feeling the one you love so much,
but let it be my kiss.... my love and the way we touch.

I want to be your addiction the way that you are mine .
I want to consume everything your body mind and time.

I want you to get drunk off my lips
And make you forget what to say .
I want to be your drug,
I want to be your special K

I want to fog your brain with passion as you drawl me in and get high and not take much.
I want to make you feel invincible on top of the world with just one touch.

I want to be your addiction I want to run through your veins .
I want to be your addiction I want to cure your pain .

I want to be your addiction your euphoria of love.
I want to be your addiction I want to be your drug.

— The End —