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Keiya Tasire May 28
A voice whispered in my ear,
"Love comforts. Love heals. Love renews.
It embraces your sorrows.
It comforts your loneliness.
It heals your pains.
It mends your broken heart.
Renews your strength.
Love will keep you close to what is Divine."

I asked, "Will I remember?"
The voice answered,
Then no.  
You will question.
You will dream.
And you will Remember."
Do we come with instructions within our hearts?
Do we something deep inside that leads us to the path to heal and return what is Divine within the Universe? What is your understanding?
kanma Oduwegwu Dec 2015
Blessed hatred
push me in
As many more mourn my stand
It's too high
But I love it.

It built me up,
Gave me rules that changed my exsistence
I might not follow through
But the pang of guilt at deserting reminds me of my stand....

It gave me values
and reasons for actions

My words depend on it
my appearance, actions and all
It's not boring as they say
But the excitement of growing pushes me on
I might seem weird
Or brain washed
but the courage to face each day
my life has gotten
Living by Grace bound by laws....
Many people say this Jesus thing is outdated and controlling but for me, hope and strength for each day I draw from my masters love. It truly pays to serve **JESUS**

— The End —