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Mahogany Ree Apr 3
all the things i’ve said
i’d never do
flew out the window
the lifetime. . .
. . . i met you
Lila Oct 2018
So sick of crying myself to sleep
So sick of being made to feel weak
So sick of never being enough
So sick of being emotionally abused
So sick that it might be time to leave?
No, I guess I will just wait and see...
Stuck between love and sense.
Megan Nov 2014
We claim to be children of God in this age.
We claim to want peace as we fire hand grenades.
We want the truth as we tell our own lies.
We want promises but break our own ties.

Corrupted, mislead, riots turning the streets red.
Turn off the TV, tuck your children safely in bed
With these images stuck in their head.

Our brains are rotting what has this world caused us to be?
21st century zombie-
Plugged in at all times.
Why is our laziness not considered a crime?

Why has He
Not come forth to teach us there's
So much more in this life-

Besides the pillage, the ****.
Everyone has their own *** tape.
The ******, the politics, the News
There is no difference, no one wears a cape.

We claim to know what's best, but let the wrong govern us: the minority and the rest.
We claim to want to help, but lock up the wrong because he is not like our self.
We claim to be equal, but won't let me marry who I want to still.
We claim and we claim, but it all stays the same.
Joshua Penrod Dec 2016
Every piece of layer embedded
beneath the cracks...

Underneath, the surface of her soul
Ached for him to return back home,
Back home to her.

"Deployment" -JP

— The End —