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Thomas W Case Jul 2020
B.L.T and I were talking today.  We thought wouldn't it be interesting if a long lost journal of poetry was found.  But the twist would be, it would be poetry by a non poet, but maybe an actor, an actress, a politician, a serial killer, a fictional character......I was thinking River Phoenix, but it could be anyone from history, what would their poetry look like?  What would the Joker's poetry look like? or Ted Bundy's or John Coltrain, or Jesse James, or Babe Ruth, the list goes on....The Challenge is write a poem as a Historical Character, what's in their heart, how does it shape out.  Lizzie Bordon for God's sake!!!!
Any historical person that you wouldn't expect poetry from...make a note in the notes and mention the challenge... HAVE FUN.  All my love and appreciation goes out to B.L.T for that early morning conversation.
Challenge Thomas Case  from a historical figure's viewpoint.
Logan Robertson Jan 2020
It all went up in smoke
puffs of black
rising above the smokestacks
rising to the sky
one at a time came their turn  
of matters to ash

Logan Robertson

Nigel Finn May 2016
I wrote you a rhyme for your birthday,
That explained how wondrous you are,
But I lost it sometime last Friday,
On the train, or in somebody's car.

It explained how your lovely and caring,
And your smile can light up a room,
How you're both elegant and quite daring
(Which are all things you know, I assume?).

I wish I remembered in detail
The words I wrote specially for you,
It had a unicorn, and a small sea-snail,
That was of the most beautiful hue,

The sea-snail was all multi-coloured,
And it's patterns changed all the time;
This made the unicorn flustered,
(That was a part of the rhyme)

In my rhyme you met both of those creatures,
Who both felt they didn't belong;
The sea-snail admired your features,
And the unicorn cherished your song.

Both loved themselves so much more,
And they both knew just what to do,
Because what they had both wanted for,
Was to be a bit more like you.

"You're amazing!" the unicorn cried,
And danced around with glee
As the sea-snail did a snailish slide,
And flashed psychedelically.

Oh! I wish I still had the full story;
Beginning, and middle, and end,
So you could know how much glory
There is in being your friend.

If I find it I'll send it to you,
But it may take a week, or a year,
For now I hope these words will do;
Happy birthday, my dear
Ah! The perils of traveling! I hope to find my notebook sometime soon, if only for that one rhyme I wrote for you.

— The End —