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salted caramel May 2020
I am tired of having to clean up the messes that you have created.
I am tired of the empty threats that you have given me over the years.
I am tired of giving you pieces of advice that you would never listen.

When you decided to end the friendship, without a second thought, I agreed.

It pains my heart.
However, I knew that was the right decision for both of us.
In making that decision, I had my sanity intact.

Thank you for all the good memories.
From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best in life.
Shell May 2020
Yes, I can't forget the one person who understood me better than anyone.
I can't forget a girl, brunette as I, with the same goofy personality.
Made friends under the oddest circumstances.
I thought it was love at first sight. But maybe it wasn't meant to be.

Yes, I miss you, my best friend. Us against the world.
I can't forget us laughing late at night at stupid things.
Making memories under the best conditions.
I thought what we had was beautiful. But, what we had, is lost.

I always chose you, but this time, you didn't choose me.
Aching in pain, you chose the neutrality while I drowned in the negativity.
Trying to move on from the past of scarred memories.
I thought you loved me, maybe more than him.

He used me, he abused me, he killed me.
I'm buried beneath, he's killed me. And I thought I could live.
But you chose him over me. Your best friend. Your sister.
Do you miss me as I miss you?

I can't recover from that. I can't recover from this.
Yes, I miss you. But, I don't want you anymore.
As he showed me his true colors, so did you. As I drowned in the hues of blue and purple.
Your ghost still haunts me, luckily more than his.
Is that a good thing? Maybe, maybe not.

I died and you chose to ignore the cause. You accepted it, I didn't.
I hope you're happy without me.
Even if this ghost is unhappy without you. I have to be happy without you.

Goodbye, V.
Butterfly Nov 2018
That's how I'm feeling.
Something's missing.

You took apart of me when you left.
And i let you.
I didn't put up a fight,
Because deep down i knew i help push you away.

I let you walk away when you said,
"I'm done."
I accepted death,
Because those two words were like daggers to my heart.
The pain of all my other wounds paled.
All i could see was you walking away with my life.

I let you leave with my soul.
I accepted my fate,
Because it was all my fault.
I hurt you, and that only hurts me more.
CloudedVision Aug 2018
Please my friend
I know I'm dead to you
But I know my spirit lives

Please my friend, let me in
Let my spirit relive again
Let me be your life long friend
Let me fix the wrong I've done

Please my friend
I know your hurt
I know I am to blame

But please my friend
Let me retry
Let me help you if I can

Please my friend
I need your help
To fix the wrong I've done
Please my friend, help me to help you
Journey of Days Feb 2017
it lies around my feet
bits of timber that once connected
connected us
our lives
our loves
good times
and struggles

they should have been stronger
these timbers
now I know the grain only ran one way

left untended
crumbling into obsolescence
connection lost
friend lost
and there is now no way back along that bridge
it has been crossed

splinters of memories clinging to my clothing and around my shoes
it has been crossed
we cannot cross again
I cannot cross again

Anna Elizabeth Jan 2016
December 31, 2015

Maybe she was right.
That rent-a-gypsy years ago.
The one in the middle of the open lawn,
who told us our futures would be the same.
The one we blew off as a fraud because we were so different.


Maybe she really did see into the future.
Saw that we would get older together,
grow closer together.
Share hobbies together,
smoke cigarettes together,
pick up each other's quirky sayings,
and grow tired of each other.

Maybe she predicted we would grow apart.
She must have seen our frustration in her crystal ball.
The lines on our hands revealed anger and jealousy.

Maybe she saw our futures would be the same...
each without the other.

Maybe we were wrong.
Awesome Annie Aug 2014
I never thought I'd ever know the feeling of her absence, Her laughter faded into memory.

Her scent still lingers in my closet. Clothes that silhouette an image that was left untainted.

Words fail to express the truth in what we had, yet I push it away.

I had to when it hurt so much.

Our past set on fire when I chose to leave it behind, hurting us both.

But I'll never know who more.....

The problem was she only saw part of me. When I gave her so much of my soul.

In the end she broke my heart worse then he ever could. Fogged eyes seeing expectations I couldn't for fill.

Secrets whispered of lies so easily believed. Tainted red and broken already.

I walked away because I couldn't bear her heart break again.

I never thought she would never not know me. But in the end she proved she never knew me at all.

— The End —