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Justin Sep 2019
I'm fading away
I can't see the starlight
But I feel the chasm that's between
It looks like the division's here to stay
I'm waiting, but for how munch longer
I can't say

The silence is blaring
My ears are ringing
I don't expect to hear a thing
But I keep listening for a signal
Some sign of life
The silence cuts me like a knife
And I'm fading away

I dream of the stars
I dream of their beauty
Wishing I could see their light again
I miss how they shined when I looked up at them
I miss how they made me feel
Wondering if any of it was real

I'm fading away
The hope is almost burnt out
I see how much has been lost
It's almost spent
I'm waiting, but I know
this has to end.
Darling, we thought we were golden.
Honey we thought that we had it made.
But my dear, what they don't tell you,
is that the tongue is the sharpest blade.

Darling, we thought we were free,
free from the failures of others our age.
You called us love, my dear,
but if it were love...
If it were love then maybe- just maybe-
I'd want to still be here.

Darling, you called us perfect,
but the walls only hold so much back.
Love, you called me your light in the dark,
but I was eventually covered in black.
Love, you thought that we were eternal. What I didn't tell you was that neither of us are gods.
DarkSkyesRising Oct 2018
Why am I the outcast
Who was I to know
That everybody tires
Of the ones who love them most
Why am I being punished
What did I do wrong
Why do you have to push me away
When I've tried so hard for so long
Why can't I give up on you
When your already so far gone
I've secluded myself, I have no one
And you said you want me to move on
Why am I the one
With the broken heart
Why is your life
Being ruined
Why won't family talk to me
Why am i turned away
No one in this world wants love from me
No one has ever stayed
Why have I been outcasted
Why have I been pushed away
Why can't somebody love me
Why can they not stay
Is everyone a liar?
Is everyone like you?
Or is it me that's the tragedy
Why do they hate me more than you
moe Feb 2018
Hope is gone
My hope is gone,
I don't feel very strong ,
Making it work always seems wrong,
Sitting in a room where I feel I don't belong,
Trying to understand where I went  wrong,
What am I hearing those voices in the air,
They're always telling me to be very scared,
I look around the room but there's nobody ever there,
Lonely and afraid that I'll never see the happiness of a day,
The cold room is Damp,
Theirs a smell in the air,
I try to figure out how I even got here,
I stop and I think,
Then I realized,
I put myself here.
Marya123 Oct 2016
Coldplay was right
There IS a sky full of stars
It's not unreal, it does exist!
So many things i see
I see twinkling beacons of light
I see a whole world beyond
That I long to join, in a plane I create
One day that day shall arrive
One day, I shall fly in the sky.
Carissa Aug 2015
Maybe you already love me. Maybe I'm in your mind. Maybe it's all just taking just a little more time. Perhaps you're trying to find a way, a place, a spot for me. But maybe just another girl is all I'll ever be.
Yanamari Jul 2015
I try to see the light but the darkness pulls me deeper and deeper. I know there's an end but it isn't coming and I reach for the rope as it becomes more distant but I'm not strong enough. As I am pulled away the light begins to diminish and I can only lose hope.

I try and I try as if I vie but it's as if it's all a lie. And I cry as I die from the pain and disdain, caused by all of that which surrounds me, and the way in which I chose to see...
You see the pain never stops and it just keeps coming as I lie helpless as the bullets keep coming and numbing, numbing my body...
My body... I begin to question if I can really see the light as it all seems like a lie and life only wishes to see me lie, lie lifeless on a cold solid ground and cry, cry for my mind which is now dead... and all I can do is lie motionless as I am pulled deeper into the murky depths away from the light that I seem to see
LN Apr 2014
It's hard to water plants
you believe will die anyway.

— The End —