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Arlene Corwin Mar 2017
Making Waffles In The Living Room
(a day in the life of an eccentric)

With no one home to say a thing,
She lives out her free spirit.
Not a misfit,
Simply unconventional.

She’s making waffles,
But she wants to watch TV –
A favorite program on on Sunday.
Which will take priority?
Must one take priority?
Why not do them simultaneously.

She grabs a stool
And drags it to the living room.
Step one.
Carrying the still cold iron
Without fear of burn, she sets it
On the stool and plugs the iron in.
Old appliance it goes on,
No On Off switch therein.
Step two.
Bearing bowl brim-filled with batter,
Setting it on stool where it
                            fits snugly in and on its step,
Spoon in hand she spoons the batter
Onto iron piping hot;
Shuts the top and starts to wait.
One, two, three and on to plate,
All while watching TV’s favorite!
What subject for a poem!
Happy that there’s no one home
                                 to say a thing.
Fifteen waffles later,
Piled high and fully sated,
Iron back in place
Not a drop or drip to waste
And no one is the wiser.

from the Greek ekkentros, from ‘ek ‘out of’ + kentron ‘center’.

Making Waffles In The Living Room 3.19.2017
A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; I Is Always You Is We;
Arlene Corwin
I don't know what to say about this, except that statistics say eccentrics live the longest!
Lunar Dec 2016
Isn't it scary yet beautiful to know
How something temporary
Can make you feel so eternal?

Like the day before it turns to night
Or just before the moon leaves
And makes way for the sunlight,

When the sea kisses your skin
To only recede but you will
Open your arms again to let it in,

People, not just leaves, fall
And drop on their knees
To yearn for spring's returning call,

And from the time I loved you,
Up till now I love you,
And for who knows how long, I will love you.
"Make it the longest temporary you can." One of the most powerful and best lines I have ever read, as said by my friend Zainab, 2016.

Such an intriguing oxymoron that got me thinking about everything and everyone, especially you, wjh.
aniket nikhade Nov 2016
Hope and luck have got one thing in common,
both have an association with an uncertain future.

Somewhere down the line
Somewhere along the way
Not exactly sure,
when and where,
but sometime, somewhere met with an uncertain future,
which had got the following things to say,

Here I am back again,
telling you the same thing again,
which was told prior,
I am telling you again,
so do remember and keep it in your mind for the longest period of time,
if possible forever.

Ups and downs
Highs and lows
Yes and no
Success and failure
Everything and all of the above are part of life,
will remain in life as life will continue along with the same.

The only thing that needs to be kept in mind during all the chaos and confusion of life is to make sure, not to give up in life at any point in time.

Continue with what you have got in your mind,
continue with the same.
A moment in life will come when one thing will follow the next and everything else will fall in it's respective place,
the only condition that remains then is not to give up in life till that moment in time becomes a part of life,
however again life will continue with the same.

Ups and downs
Highs and lows
Yes and no
Success and failure
Everything and all of the above,
life will continue with the same.

Life goes on
Life continues
Life follows,
the moment that has gone with regards to the moment that is yet to come and become a part of the present moment in time in the present,
exactly that moment is yet to arrive in it's requisite place.
Life continues.
Leal Knowone Feb 2016
Stained glass shattered shards
raining down in my sight
landing on the copses of lies
watching light with dead eyes
the coldest nights hold my stolen breath
which grows into longest death
thoughts slip by on wings of yesterday
in the silence there is so much to say
hesitant waves flow through the light
resting on the longest night
Sethnicity Jun 2015
I have been pushed and have taken the plunge
I have tripped in the wandering woods
I have hunted and preyed in the night...
Would you believe me if I said
I Loved it all even the fight?

through blood and shed
no warmth over head
fake food for hollow days
streams from your eyes
twinkle me blue star gaze

Worn soles and old friends
Kitchen fires blurred vision
packed bags long nights
Instruments of each others
whipped delusions and delights

Did we choose to or were we chosen?
Will we be forever broken?

I've been pushed and  taken the plunge
I've been trapped in the wandering woods.
I have hunted prey in the night...
Would you believe me if I said
I Loved it all despite...?

Jump Frogger on board between wafer thin pulses
A glowing screen a familiar name, impulses
either syntax err or  Zapp Rodger pair
silicone crystal we chat via air

Space travel on hope floats to unravel
conversation R We compackable
these moments like death tolls
add up 2, Are you faithful!?
Heart (pause) Jaw (falls)

Do you mean belief in the Unseen?
Could we ever take it back?
Does Love have boundaries?

I know my emotions are supernatural
like Oceans the fish within can not feel it all
These notions Man I Fessed into the actual
better question; Is my mission honest and factual?

My answer is Yes!
Love is the longest promise you could ever break.
emotionally contractual!
~yeah, I've loved~
Mark Parker May 2015
Ineffable nefarious taradiddle.
The endless fable, and riddle, of Cain and Abel.
One slew the other without a quiver.
A man went from cinnamon to eerie black.
Labeled unstable and mentally disabled,
Barely able to bounce back
from being set adrift on a dark and ***** track.

He turned his eyes to the Aurora,
faced the same fate as ***** and Gomorrah,
the most hated man in all the Torah.
The father of ****** and maker of Pandora's box.
He walked with what God had seen as a pox.
Forever caught on this plane
with blood on his hands and ice in his veins.
Looking down, he felt stained and inhumane
as he observed the world he caused so much pain,
yet now, he is all that has remained sustained.

Now again, he turns to the Aurora.
He finds nothing but the sky's acid rain drip down
across an unholy frown and a mark for a crown.
He walks through each desert and town
searching for someone holy to guide him back,
but not a man is good as him now.
Not a single man stands his height
because he became a symbol for whats right.
He seeks good according to God, not himself.
Human kind is now much different,
and his sin against his brother is now not the worst,
despite the fact that it did come first.
I felt as though this flew from my finger tips. It was kinda weird.

— The End —