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ranveer joshua Sep 2019
to the days when we would sit around the fire
singing the only camp song we remember

to the days when we blasted music on our roof at two in the morning
dancing as if only the stars were watching us

to the days when we hunted for vintage records in the city
finding the ten-cent french jazz lp

to the days when we ran down the streets
chasing my longboard, cruising down that steep hill

to the days when we took polaroids of each other
waiting for them to develop in the afternoon sun

to the days when we sat by the river's edge
skipping rocks and fishing for crayfish

summer come soon, i miss you
Ashley Gonzalez Apr 2014
Feel the thrill
See the wheels
Thinking of nothing,
As I travel down the hill
Just taking in what I see
with that turn coming up
I can feel the breeze
my adrenaline pumps
my vision is clear
when I'm on the road
I have no fear

— The End —