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k Oct 2019
i have seen it in your eyes
another empty night
lonely soul hiding in the dark
so afraid of light

but you see,
i don't want to live my life in fear

i don't want to miss it all
i don't want to close my eyes
count. don't cry.
i'll hold your hand, i'll let the storm roar
we'll learn not to drown
k Oct 2019
i don't know quite how
but i remeber exactly when it all happened
amidst the calmness of another boring
i made a sane decision
to end our life together
shut the doors and
set the room on fire
so you wouldn't haunt me

it won't happen, honey
no longer find taste in your games
all i am trying to say
well, good luck
i won't miss you much
k Oct 2019
I've fallen for the lights.

tiny little sparks of hope
days when I surrender to
my path

and believe
that even if nothing
turns quite right
I'll still be fine.

and I love this town
a city of light

— The End —