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Dibyendu Sarkar Jun 2020
Laughing little man
With no sense at all
Mysteries in his pocket 
Breaking, Building 
Cosmos apart. 

Laughing little man 
Friends with noman 
Meaningless, stringless 
I haven't changed at all 
Flashing images of the past
Broken apart so many times.

Laughing little man
Turn your head 
Moment of attention 
Laying on the lane

Don't you remember ? 
Laughing little man 

Forget, upset, reset. 

You forget me huh!
Marisa Lu Makil Sep 2015
In 2 days
I will either
Lose you forever
Or see you
Every week.
Another foster child I've grown attached to. His hearing is on Wednesday. We find out if his parents'rights are terminated. I feel so awful for hoping they are.

— The End —