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Evelyn Hyde Feb 2020
You're so shy.
And sweet
and you actually care for me
We have a "spark"
and I'm glad we met.
update: my first bf cheated on me twice so i am writing this about my tolo date :0
Evelyn Hyde Nov 2019
I should be running.
Not running for exercise
but running to you
to your house
so I can knock on your window
and cuddle with you
until the sun rises.
yes this is what i think about alot lol
Evelyn Hyde Oct 2019
butterflies on every inch of my body
making sparks fly
holding the whole world in his hands
"I love you" with every touch
so gentle but rough at the same time
sweet kisses placed
on my lips
my neck
my chest
down my stomach
and finally
letting go
i dont even know what this is but aahhh

— The End —