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Chaos Mar 2020
common crowds hold swords
to mock
to frown
to opt for blood

crowds who forgot to stop
now bow to show worth

low fog rolls
cross for old cohorts
who troop
who follow
who go forth to drown

for most worlds
to toss
to hold
to bowl down
sons who droop

crowds do not know
who took stock
sons do not know
who to block

for words do drown
now worlds do brown

only to look lost
Ron Conway Dec 2019
Going down a rabbit's hollow
Past a stinking burning bush
Such a sour pill to swallow
Moral living lacks a push

Poison's going to **** us all
Not our body – just our mind
Maintain your brain in alcohol
Alas your Savior now is blind

Follow, fail and fall or finish
Hold your favour stay your path
If you sink, your soul diminish
Your own spirit finds your wrath

Failing at communication
Builds up your immunity
Holding faith to show causation
Spouting with impunity
Lipogram poem (no letter "e")
M Aug 2019
A lipogram I cry aloud,
My first in fact, I’m slightly proud,
To all who know of what I drawl,
I post it now upon my wall.

This task is tough and trying though,
Only using A, I, U and O.
Two-thirds of words do not apply,
And now I think you might grasp why.

I’ll stop my scrawling so you can wallow,
On how this lipogram is so hard to swallow.
And until I think of a good part two,
I’ll sanction additional scribing to you.
Madison Oct 2018
See the depressed deed

Delve deep

Cry, the elegy's creed.


Breeds new

Bzz-bees, elm trees, electric eels

Ever-steel freeze

Sweet revenge's creep, then screech

Wed, cheer, speech

Fresh breeze, meets seeds

Frees weeds.


Wet cheeks, we weep

Regret seeps

Need jeers.

Yes, we bleed


Every eye never sees

Every remedy. never felt

By the helpless.
Yes! Only e's, with the exception of the word 'electric.' Side note: isn't it ironic that the word 'lipogram' has three different vowels in it?
sar Feb 2018
freckle lined and hued with pink
angled gently in a curved facade
red, curled and pillowed
over her face and around
her ear.
coppered brown flick her
eye and eye and eye
trickle down, find
the bridge and there
***** of inhalation.
the arch of hair
lead over her forehead
blank in between
pointing downward to end
at the tip of her lip.
a lip turned coral
by the line of blood
traveled continually
hill to hill to hill.
her ear linked to the
gentle flaked cover
of her body.
word after word
floating from her throat
murmured into heartache
of an adrift lover.
marking her cheek up
and down
placed darkly
and with magic.
i had to write a lipogram describing my face without the letter "s". tada.
*ps. "***** of inhalation" was the only way i could think to say "nose"
R Saba Jan 2014
at every moment
there came a pause beneath the glass
as the cold passed through us
and the wheels rolled on
and the oxygen around us moved slowly
and we were safe

or at least that's how the day felt
warm and soft
a comfort to my scrambled, savage soul
as deep down below me
the beast
(the road)
was defeated

guess the world just seems to me
a place that needs to be defeated
every so often

guess the same could refer to me
now, that's a thought
exercise: lipogram (poem written with the exclusion of one letter)

— The End —