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Growly Wolfus Oct 2020
The frog croaked softly
amid the morning mist
His breath hung in the air
puffs of October's fall
The birds chirped in splendor
as the frost captured their song
holding notes in suspension
until others returned the call

And on the water, lily pads
floated past in a gentle breeze
the size of china saucers
we'd use whilst sipping tea
a bridge of small proportions
the hopscotch game of life
a crossing from our world to theirs
under the crimson leaves

Birds came to watch with envy
atop their crooked perch
Bugs skated to and fro
across the liquid glass
The dandelion dancers
drifted above the pool
and stood on lily pad ferries
where the bullfrogs had sat

The forest was a portrait
by Van Gogh and Claude Monet
A storm of autumn colors
the lily pads ablaze
A stillness to be broken
beneath the sun's warm smile
The tranquil winds kept blowing
the fire sparked by our gaze

The music of the angels
disguised by amber leaves
amidst the forest wildfire
ne'er to melt the morning frost
And people pass, indifferently
the beauty that was there
as none but I did witness
the life this fall had brought
renae Oct 2019
Oh little lily pad,
You'll have to battle to stay afloat,
Shielding yourself against the sharp, dark waves,
Of my beating heart.
But, please learn to take root.
For, I'll intertwine around you,
Taking hold, slowly hoping you'll realize,
Those same dark waters,
Are struggling to nuture your very core.
Those same dark waters,
Have made you grow, baby.
taia Apr 2016
frogs leap and take flight
lily pads shift under weight
the still surface breaks
boom! another one haha

— The End —