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Solaces Dec 2015
Star sapphire blue was filling in the star shell of my Lightcycle.  I rode past the Binary suns of the Tri-axis Solar system.   In between the two suns I saw a small sapphire speak of light.  I rode toward the sapphire glow and saw it to be a massive dragon.  Its wings were shining star fire.   It was gathering energy from both the suns.  It was in a sleep state among the stars and sister suns.  As I got closer my Lightcycle begin to fill in with the memories of the dragon itself.  It was a beautiful beast!  But this dragon was 2 beings in one.  It seems at one point that this dragon is actually a person of some strange magic and lore.  It was on its way to a light calling it on the other side of the Galaxy.  The dragon then opens its eyes.  Fully charged from the sister suns the dragon looks to me.  It turns out it will take close to a month for the dragon to reach the other side of the galaxy.  With the power of my Lightcycle I could get him there in a day.  And so I escort the dragon to the other side of this galaxy.  I carry him along my emotion thought stream.  We arrive to a planet covered in darkness.  The dragon then turns to me with shining blue eyes.  He gives to me a harp with strings made of light.    It reads "  The melody of the star serpent Secalos."   To summon in thy darkest hour."   The dragon then entered the dark atmosphere to begin its long battle.  I rode back into the expanse of never ending dreams..
The melody of the star serpent.

— The End —