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Tommy Randell Jan 12
I'm at a time of life when there are little insights
Getting older you see things from a certain place
I don't mean all that philosophical stuff
Just from where your eyes are in the middle of your face

There are times Life is all about Height and such
The things you can and cannot do
Can you get things from the very top shelf?
Is it hard getting down to tie your shoes?

Changing a light bulb at the top of the stairs
Getting a pair of trousers to fit
Looking up to even the grandchildren now
But still bumping your head on cupboards a bit

Height is one of the ways people divide us
Often to discriminate or categorize
There's all that clich├ęd list of stuff
Talking around seeing each other Eye to Eye

Does it matter I stopped at five eleven and a half
And never made six foot tall?
I found out a long time ago that when making love
Height doesn't seem to matter at all

And being a Poet it matters less
There is no height advantage using lofty language
There's a million ways no matter how incorrect
Just using simple rhyme to say how it is!
... always wanted to half rhyme language with is!

— The End —