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Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
Let me know
What was that
That made you
To choose him/her

She/He replied
Leave it, or listen
He/She is the future
Nothing more

Being an observant and a traveller of examined life I come to this conclusion. Tragedy does not happen, from the very beginning  It is "Us" who pave the path within. With the unawareness we focus to travel to the destination where we don't belong. Throughout the journey we keep on dreaming with a hope of a good day making us vulnerable to the threshold, when even a single undesired word, few seconds delay, lyrics of the background music could unexpectedly break us.
Trust me we all are fragile.

Let it be simple, if we are watering the leaves of the plant and hope to grow, we get the result what we have to accept. Sometime mishaps happens, we are the culprit. How dare we expect to water the roots of the plant in neighbor's terrace and wish for the fruit to be ours.

We may smell the fragrance if the kind breeze blow towards our side.
Even we may always get the fragrance if we follow the direction of the wind.
The choice is ours.
Does it worth?
Will we be happy?
Can we hide the pain?

The choice is all ours.
Genre: Dark Diary
Theme: Examined Life || Words of wisdom
haylee beckim Nov 2017
I know others live worse than I, but in todays society I cant help but long for the picture perfect family ideal. A mom and a dad together, and a happy kid. It seems that all my parents and I are now are distant friends who can make a little time to visit every now and then.
And my grandparents do the best they can in which I am forever thankful for, but it does not fill the hole that is the ideal of togetherness, reliability and loyalty.
Styles Jun 2014
If you are trying to change a; person, relationship,  or environment, and it doesn't change - leave before it changes you. Things are what they are; you have no control of that. You are what you will; you have full control of that.

— The End —