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Pinkmoon May 2021
Cells burst
Telomeres shrink,
Hurtling towards destruction
He called me a misanthrope.
Know thyself, I said.
My life is chaos;
Pink moons and hurricanes
We all fall down
Dead woman walking
Searching for meaning, searching for peace, high functioning depression, lovers lost.
Francie Lynch Aug 2015
These years are speeding darkly
Since the epiphany. You don't get
A lot of those.
Last night
On the beach I laid back to watch
The shooting stars; some say
The heavenly stars. The Perseids
Burned indiscriminately,
I counted two.

I was starstruck watching
The four satelites,
In a pre-determined orbital,
That would burn as sure as
A ghetto.

Ogling the dark spaces;
Comforted, there's more stars
Out there for some other reason.
And wham. It happened , always unexpected.
It's not because something's not there;
It's because it never was, but for
Two meteors and four satelites.
I saw the light.

— The End —