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Aa Harvey Sep 2020
Interesting Times

We live in interesting times when it comes to rhymes.
I can say what I want but never mind.
I went a little insane when I lost my love life,
But like I said…Interesting times.

You can never be bored when dancing with the Devil.
Being so close to natural born evil.
Free the people for the people.
Always on the level when talking of my steeple.

Never had an ego that you could quash.
Don’t love myself, or you, or God.
Raised on love, brainwashed into believing.
Now all I have is endless dreaming.

Stuck at work building a future.
Seems so pointless when I have not even met her,
But loves prevails!  It’s the perfect fail.
Setting sail on the journey of a loser.

Gave up age eleven; stopped believing in Heaven.
Depression set in and woe is me again.
Everywhere I looked I saw the signs,
The eternal sighs, the crying eyes,
The lies, the lies, they shaped my life.

Thought about suicide, didn’t like it.
An idea too big for a scared little kid.
Stood up tall, took the verbal kicks.
Spent too long saying “I’m with stupid.”

I guess intelligence is always relative,
When it comes to someone becoming relevant.
Never liked a dummy C-class student.
D is for life, still becoming a numan.

All I have now is me, myself and I.
Scatter-gun tongue gives me a sharp side,
And I will bite back if you are worthy.
Most are worthless…hope you heard me.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

— The End —