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Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Had nothing far ahead
Had nothing close by
Chasing a dream, I was framing my world
Actions and thoughts were governed, perfect
To me, I was a normal
Normal was every day too

On April 1, I got accepted
Thus started magic on me
Paranormal, euphoric
Who cares, how I was to the rest?
LHC started inside my head
Releasing God particles
New words,
New feelings started to run my veins
Was I.

Was it a black magic?
Sure, It was something new
A fuel for active brain.
I was not poet, then it happened.
Shared frommy Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflection, 2018.
Morrison Leary Nov 2014
A town filled with degenerate and clowns,
where stars shine bright and street lights are nowhere in sight.
Drunken buffoons, swarming the saloons,
stirring up chaos with their little spoons.
Lost actresses turning into brainless waitresses,
the common conversation turning into nothing more,
than the gossip of your ever fashionable *****.
Stay too long in this dystopian filled town
and you'll find yourself growing old and bored,
dying internally like a cancerous plague,
waiting for the zombies to rise.
Not aware that the zombies are here, alive and well,
roaming the streets, ever so disguised,
make eye contact and prepare to die.

— The End —