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archwolf-angel Aug 2016
Trianna POV
It took me time to accept what I was being pushed into. Ever since I was young, my mother and father told me that one day, I might grow to hate myself. I know, what parents tell that to their child right? But they saw no point in lying to me. It was going to happen. I was going to hate myself.

I am half-vampire.

Not because of my mother, not because of my father. It was my paternal grandfather.

It was a miracle my father got none of the vampire symptoms. It was the best miracle. My grandparents were one of those unbelievably fated couples in the world. A vampire and a human fell in love and got married and had my dad. They were prepared to have to deal with a vampire child, but, miraculously, it did not happen. My father came out normal, as normal as any human could ever be. It was not surprising; he had more of my grandmother’s genes. Eventually, my father met my mother, fell in love and got married. I came along. That’s how the equation works right?

They had nothing to worry, for they were both human. However, something was not right. When I was 3, my eye color changed. The color was nothing like my parents’. Their eyes were a nice shade of hazel and dark brown. Mine, was green, dark, forest green. As a kid, my treats weren’t sweets. They were blood, small droplets of blood from my parents. But by the time I was 7, my parents and grandparents helped me grow an addiction to lollipops, making me turn to them whenever I had a craving attack. For blood that is. But craving attacks were rare, very rare. I was only a half-vampire anyway.

As the days passed, I grew into a teenager, my parents and grandparents aged, except my grandfather. My grandmother long got used to the fact that my grandfather would not be able to age with her. After a while, I found it weird that my father was starting to look older than my grandfather. Things all went well, until the night before I turned 18.

It was taboo.

All a taboo.

I really hated myself now.

No one saw it coming. So we didn’t make precautions.

I killed them. I killed my parents. I didn’t even know what happened. I couldn’t even remember. I only remembered that I was enjoying a movie on television with my parents alone at home as my grandparents were out for a friends’ gathering dinner or something. And the next thing I remembered were my parents, lying in their own pool of blood, not breathing. My hands and face, stained with blood. My grandfather tried to stop me but feeding me his blood, but it was too late. It was all too late. I held onto my grandfather’s bitten arm and lay there, just staring at my parents. The clock struck midnight and everything turned black.

I woke up the next morning in my own bed, an urge to puke filled my guts as I rushed to the toilet to throw up. Nothing came out, just regurgitation. I looked up in the mirror, and blinked. I blinked again, harder this time, making sure I was not hallucinating. My eyes were, green, not dark green, but a lighter shade. I pulled the side of my mouth to reveal my canine teeth. They were sharper than before. In a state of shock and panic, I ran down the stairs, where I knew where my family would be. The moment I reached the first floor, I saw my grandparents outside, in the backyard.

I hesitated to move. Someone tell me the nightmare I had was not real.
“G-Grandpa?” I murmured. My grandfather turned, making my grandmother do the same. My grandmother had a tear-streaked face and a handkerchief in her hands. My grandfather looked the worse ever since I knew him. I swallowed hard before walking closer to them, and I noticed two coffins being laid on the ground.

Tears fell down my cheeks as I realized who those two being laid there were.

“Grandpa… Tell me this isn’t real…” I struggled to believe what was happening in front of me. My grandfather held onto me before I could collapse.

“Trianna, please don’t be like this…” he pleaded.

I knelt in front of my parents’ tombs and bid them a last farewell before they were being cremated. The fire was burning away so many memories. I almost wanted to walk into it, almost.

“I’m sorry…” I whispered under my breath and said a deep prayer. I lifted myself up from the ground and dried my tears. Walking to my grandparents, I gave them both a tight hug before my grandfather could go on another trail of apologies about how it was his fault I am what I am now. Worse, I am not a pure. And that is making things so hard for us to decipher. It was something none of us wanted. However, I had to blame myself. And I blamed myself, a lot. But I never mentioned anything about my parents ever since my 18th birthday. I wanted to escape.

For one year, we continued to stay at that same house. And every day without fail, I would walk to the backyard where my parents were cremated and kiss the ground, apologize then do whatever I had to do for the day. I stayed away from school which my grandparents obliged. I doubt anyone is ready for me to have a sudden craving attack again and start ******* the blood out of my classmates since my cravings were stronger now. I used to only have to **** on lollipops whenever I see blood. But now, I had to have a lollipop in my mouth 24/7, considering the fact that we are in fact staying amongst humans, and most probably have to for the rest of my life, and I start wondering how long my life would be.

To start things anew, my grandparents decided we needed to shift to a new state. If we continued to stay in that place, as they assumed, would be bringing me way too much pain. I had no opinions; I just needed to follow them wherever they wanted to go. However, I did mention there was not much need to actually move, I was over the whole blaming myself about my parents’ death thing… I think.

We settled down in a small town called Kingslet based in the United States, where Grandpa once lived with his family. I heard that that town was secluded, but definitely still populated with humans, moreover, rich humans. And probably some vampires.

We moved into a cottage that my grandfather bought over from an old friend. And when I said old friend, I meant like, a really really really old vampire friend of his who happened to want to move away to another town with his family. My grandfather drove a van that he had rented from near the place where our private plane landed to the location where we were destined to live. Upon arriving, my jaw dropped. That isn’t a cottage, more like a mansion, for goodness sake. Alighting from the van, I took one breath and knew it was the signal for me to be ******* on lollipops again. I took one out from my backpack and opened it before popping it into my mouth.

“The smell getting to you already? That’s fast.” My grandfather, who was obviously already immune to the smell of blood, chuckled.

“Shut up.” I mock-glared my grandfather and smiled as I helped with moving the luggage into the house. Being half-vampire, for the moment, was not half bad. I get extra super strength, a cliché vampire gift. I did my own research of my own kind. We get super human strength, sense of smell increases and super human speed. But I figured maybe because I was only half-bred, I wasn’t sensitive to the sun, nor to garlics, or crosses. I consider myself lucky.

Entering the cottage, I placed the luggage on the floor before taking a look around the place. The place was really not bad. It was huge, comfortable and very cozy. My grandmother would definitely love it here. Well, she would be the only one hanging around the house 24/7. I don’t really want my 75 year old human grandmother wandering just anywhere she wants alone. High chances are that she was going to get hurt or something. But touch wood. And true enough, my grandmother was already taking her place on one of the sofas furnished in the living room by the fireplace, smiling at my grandfather.

“It’s wonderful here, Xavier dear.” She complimented.

Both grandfather and I smiled at her then at each other.

“Glad that you like it here, Katrina darling.” He said to my grandmother, making me quiver at their sweetness, but it was not like I was not used to it. “Come on Tri, let’s start moving the things.” He turned to me and suggested. I nodded with a smile. As we were at moving, I was told my room is on the second floor, in which I get to choose between three bedrooms, and the other two would become any room I want them to be, and that most likely means I would be having the whole second floor to myself. This really doesn’t sound so bad. I picked the biggest room, and poked my head in, realizing that the bed and all were already furnished perfectly. It must be grandpa. He knows me really well. Too well.

I threw both my luggage onto my bed and opened them, revealing my clothes and all my other belongings and started unpacking. First, my one and only family photo left after grandpa decided to keep the rest away from me at our old home. He only allowed me to keep one, the one we took when I was 15, in which I really don’t look much different compared to the present me. Staring at the photo, I wished so much that they were still here with me. It didn’t matter if we were going to move either way, as long as they were here, things would be perfect. I quickly put the picture frame at the side of my bed before I could actually start crying my green orbs out again. I proceeded with the rest of my unpacking and once I was done, I had also finished my lollipop. Being lazy to open another open, I chose to leave the empty lollipop stick in my mouth and chew on it instead.

Heading downstairs with my headphones hanging around my neck and smartphone, I hopped onto the longest sofa that was facing the wide screen television, switched on the television and started to channel surf, deciding to figure out the town’s frequency, hoping they have my favorite music and drama channels.


I heard my name coming from behind me, before turning to my grandmother. She merely shrugged at me, so I pouted at her and responded to my grandfather. “Yes, grandpa?” turning to meet gazes with him. I instantly felt a bunch of papers being shoved into my hold.

“What is this?” I asked, flipping through the pieces of paper, which I realized had my name and identification number printed everywhere.

“Your new school registration confirmation. I have already settled everything for you. And you are reporting to school the day after tomorrow, on Monday.” My grandfather said, taking a place next to my grandmother as they cuddled up.

“Isn’t this a little bit too soon?” I frowned. I really did not hate school. I just hated the fact that if I have to hang around humans, I have to deal with my control over my craving. It’s stressful and tiring.

“You are not getting away with anything this time, Trianna. It’s been a year since you last went to school. And the sooner you go out there to train, the better. Eventually, you will need to walk out of the house.”

Crap. I struggled to find another excuse. And light bulb!

“What about this and this?” I pointed at my eyes first, then my teeth.

“Don’t fret about it. I’m stocking up on your contact lenses for you, and your lollipops. Plus, your teeth aren’t obvious either, those lollipops are grazing them off.”



I bit my lips, “Yes grandpa…” I knew there was no way I can argue further. My grandfather was right; I have to deal with this someday, somehow anyway. Why not just go out there and face the music, get it over and done with? He had already obliged to me for a year, it was my turn to listen.

Dinner was spaghetti with carbonara, my grandfather’s best cuisine. Nothing beats this. It was my favorite behind lollipops. After dinner, it was sliced fruits and television. Once I felt I had my fair share of the night, I kissed my grandparents goodnight.

Third Person POV

After Trianna headed up to her room, her grandmother frowned.

“What’s wrong, Katrina?” Trianna’s grandfather asked, caressing his wife’s cheeks.

“Xavier, don’t you think it’s a little too harsh on Trianna? Making her go to school now? Go out there with the humans?” she questioned, as worried as her face portrayed her to be.

Xavier sighed. As much as he did not want to risk his one and only precious granddaughter, he had to. “Katrina, we have to let her go. She is very unlike me. If we don’t let her go, we will never have our answers about her. I know I promise to ask my friends more about Dhampirs. I will. But Trianna still has to go. I cannot protect her forever.” Xavier let out another sigh, “I don’t even know for sure, if she is a Dhampir.”

Trianna POV

The morning sun shone on my face indicating the new day. I struggled to open my eyes as I lifted myself off my bed. I stretched uncomfortably and yawned. This new bed sure needs some getting used to. After combing and tying up my shoulder-lengthed dark brown wavy hair, I washed myself up before heading down to the first floor.

“Good morning Grandpa. Good morning Grandma.” It was a habit to greet. A good one, I know. It was pancakes for breakfast, I could totally smell it since I was upstairs. Popping my head into the kitchen, I took another deep breath.

“Pancakes?” I asked, excited.

“Bet you smelt it the moment you woke up.” He laughed.

“Not exactly, but when I was upstairs, yes.” I chuckled along, moving to hug him.

“Good morning Tri.” He greeted, hugging me tightly.

“Where’s Grandma?” I bobbed my head around, not seeing her anywhere in sight.

“In the backyard trying to do some exercise.” He answered.

You are seriously letting a 75 year old woman do exercise alone in the backyard. Call yourself the best husband in the world. Creep.

I ran towards the backyard and saw my grandma doing some stretches to the morning radio slowly. Like literally, really slowly. I skipped over to greet her, shocking her a little before I pounced slightly to hug her and give her a daily dose of her morning kiss. Sensing that my grandfather was almost done with the pancakes, I led her back into the house and sat her down on her seat at the big round dining table. After helping my grandfather with laying the table, we three finally sat down for breakfast.

Picking up the maple syrup, I poured enough to cover my pancakes before placing my block butters on them, melting them and coating the pancakes. Love them this way. The silence during the meal was perfect, until my grandpa decided to break it.

“So,” he coughed slightly, “Any plans for today?” he asked, looking straight at me.

“No… Why would I have any plans made in a new town?” I asked, avoiding eye contact with my grandfather because I knew exactly where he was getting at.

“Why don’t you take a walk around the new town?”

I cursed under my breath. I think I forgot to mention. My grandfather’s vampire gift, was reading minds. That was exactly why, he knows me very well. ***** to be me, sometimes.

“Sure, doesn’t sound like such a bad idea before the start of school?” I replied. I was not out of my mind. But since I had already promised to go to school, there should not be a problem with just walking around town and try to get used to humans one day earlier. “Are you two coming with me?”

Grandpa nodded and said that he had already suggested to grandma about taking a walk around town, to let grandma know the place better as well as get to know a few faces around us. He felt it wasn’t nice to not greet if you are new in town.

After getting changed into a simple tee and shorts matched with my favorite pair of converse shoes, I hung my headphones around my neck again, plugging the end into my phone and opened one lollipop to pop into my mouth before heading out. The smell was already overwhelming at the door. Thanks, you pathetic piece of body. But if grandpa could get used to it, so will I. I saw my grandfather picked out his favorite hat and placed it on his head and I smirked. At least I can handle some sun.

Walking around town, we got to know a few people. Like Uncle Tyler, owner of the Italian restaurant along the streets, and a few other people around my grandma’s age or slightly younger. I merely greeted and smiled at them, not knowing what to say. Sadly, my grandpa had to introduce himself as my grandmother’s son. Very heartbreaking, to me at least. My grandparents long foreseen this and had been mentally prepared, I really sal
archwolf-angel Aug 2016
The alarm clock buzzed beside him as he struggled to reach his hand out to shut the alarm away. He groaned as he rolled over from his side of the bed to the other side of his king-sized bed. The other side of the bed, that used to feel so warm, was now empty and cold. He gave out a deep sigh before sitting up on his bed and proceeded to kiss the picture frame on the side table beside his bed. He admired her beautiful face for a few minutes as he smiled painfully before placing it back where it was before. Ruffling his own hair, he walked towards his cupboard to grab a random shirt and threw it on before quickening his steps to the bedroom beside his. He knocked on the door gently before opening it lightly. Walking towards the snoozing female on the bed, he sat down beside her and shook her petite body.

"Hey... Wake up..." he spoke gently as he switched the side lamp on. Long eyelashes fluttered as she slowly opened her eyes, her brown watery orbs shimmered under the small light. Small groans could be heard as she tried to hide herself under the blanket, making the grown man laugh at her cute antics. "Come on, I need to get to work..." he said as he shook her more.

"Noooooooooo~" a small muffled groan could be heard from under the blanket and he chuckled.

"If you are not going wake up, the tickle monster is going to attack you~" He grabbed the girl who was hiding under the blankets and started to tickle her through the thick cloth and cute giggles could be heard as she slowly revealed her head, sitting up as she came eye to eye with the grown man.

"Good morning, Daddy." she greeted politely.

"Good morning, little princess." he greeted back, smiling as he stroked his little girl's long wavy hair that she grew out ever since the day she was borned. "Come on, let's get washed up." he opened his arms, inviting the little girl into his arms. She did the same and held onto his broad shoulders as he carried her and they both went into the bathroom. He sat her down on their sturdy basin counter top as he started shaving his stubs carefully. The 5 year old independently took her father's toothbrush and squeezed some toothpaste on the brush before passing it to him. He smiled lightly before taking his toothbrush and watched as she prepared her own small pink bunny designed toothbrush. After finishing brushing their teeth, he helped the little girl down from the basin as she ran towards the bathtub.

"Kailee! Remove your clothes before you start the bath." he spoke firmly to the girl as she started running the tap to the fill the bathtub.


He squeezed his eyes together so that the water that was splashing around would not get into his eyes. "Will you please stop splashing?" he nagged at the young girl but she merely giggled, finding the scene of her father getting all soaked rather amusing. She continued splashing the soaped water in her father's direction, ignoring the fact that he was literally getting drenched in his clothes as he scrubbed her clean.

After drying her up, he brought her back into her bedroom as he looked through her clothes that were hung in her wardrobe. "Daddy! I want to wear that dress!" she exclaimed, pointing to a sky blue dress, with floral prints on the thin silk layer on top of the bottom half of the dress.

"Again? This is probably the 50th time you wore it this year, my dear." he half-complained as he chuckled behind his words, taking it out from the wardrobe and dressed her up in the dress.

"What~? I like this dress." she responded as she waited for her father to help her zip up the dress before she skipped to the full-length mirror in her room and admired herself.

"I know I know. Go down for breakfast. Your grandparents are probably waiting for you." he said as he went back into his own bedroom and prepared himself for his day at work.

Decked in a simple tight fit black tee shirt and light blue ripped jeans, he started styling his hair, slicking his black hair backwards in a neat style. After he was done accessorising, he jogged down the stairs to join his family for breakfast.

As he sat down with his father and mother for breakfast, he saw that his little girl was already done with her meal and had scattered off to play with the two dogs in the yard. "Good morning Mom, Dad." he greeted before bowing a little and started to munch on his sandwich. "Egg sandwich! Mmm, this is tasty." he spoke with a little hype as he munched on it more.

"Dylan... Why did you let her wear that dress again?" his mother nagged at him, but he merely smiled at her with respect.

"It's alright Mom, you know that's her favourite dress." he said nonchalantly before realising that his parents were already looking at one another with worried looks. "It's alright, it really is." he assured them with a cool smile as he heard his phone ring and his secretary's name showed on the phone. "Alright, we need to go. Come on, Kailee!"

At the sound of her father's voice, Kailee kissed the retriever puppies goodbye before running towards Dylan, who was waiting for her with his hand outstretched for her hand. Small fingers gripped around his masculine hand as he tugged her along towards the posh looking van that was waiting for them upfront. The two of them board the van and the well-mannered Kailee greeted the adult man inside.

"Good morning Uncle Fred!" she grinned brightly at the male whom was older than her own father.

"Good morning Kailee, wearing your favourite dress again?" he commented casually but Dylan knew that he eyed him for a bit there.

"Yes! I love this dress!" Kailee exclaimed, smiling brightly as her eyes turned into crescents, just like how her father's would. The three of them went on their way to the company. Upon arriving, they made their way up towards the studios and the elevator stops on the 4th floor. Before the elevator door opened, Dylan knelt down on one knee if front of Kailee and gently brushed his thumb against her chubby cheeks and stroked her hair.

"I've got to go. Behave, okay?" he smiled at her but she pouted.

"Can't you stay with me today?" she mumbled and Dylan felt his heart clenched a little. He had always felt sorry that he could not spend his time with Kailee, but this career was all that was supporting him and his family.

"Sorry baby." he lightly kissed her on her forehead and smiled at her again, "I love you." he murmured to her.

"I love you too." she replied with a small smile as she waved to her father goodbye. Dylan waved a little before walking out of the elevator, leaving Fred and Kailee in the elevator alone as they proceeded to the fifth floor, where Kailee's private tutor was waiting for her.



"Mister Dylan Caleb!"

Finally snapping out of his daze, Dylan raised his head as he looked Travis in the eyes. "Yes?" he realised that he have not been paying attention to the song that Travis was playing for him and he watched as  his partner sighed in front of him. "I'm sorry." he apologised to Travis but his blonde friend merely sighed deeper.

"Let's go for a break." Travis suggested and they both stood up, leaving the studio as they started to take a stroll around the building. They finally came to the room where Kailee was receiving her private tutoring. Through the full glass doors, he leaned against a pillar that was out of sight from Kailee. Staring at her backview, he smiled lightly. His heart warmed up, feeling grateful for her existence.

"Are you alright?" Travis placed a hand on Dylan's shoulder and his eyes started to tear up.

"What have I ever done to deserve this?" he murmured, loud enough for Travis to hear and Travis' face turned solemn as he patted Dylan on the shoulder.

Chapter 3

*He stared in the mirror as he fixed his tie nicely. The black tie went nicely with his black shirt and coat. He turned to take a look at his bedroom, which still held the things that belonged to her. Controlling his emotions, he stepped out of his bedroom and saw his 2 years old daughter held in her grandmother's arms, decked in a formal black dress.

"Must we really bring her?" Dylan murmured to his parents, his head lowered and his hands pocketed. He bit his lips as he kept his hopes high, hoping that he did not have to bring his daughter along.

"She is, after all, her mother, Dylan..." His father replied him and he nodded his lightly. He outstretched his arms to welcome his daughter into his embrace as the innocent toddler giggled and held onto her father, his face struggling to smile for the little girl.

"Let's go..." Dylan said calmly as the entire family left the house.

Arriving at their destination, most of the people were already there although it was pretty early. He left his daughter in the care of his parents as he proceeded to greet his guests politely before moving to the main hall, where his wife was.

He slowly approached the white grand coffin which his wife laid in and he hesitated before looking into the glass panel, where he could see the face of his beautiful wife, all dolled up. She looked so beautiful, and he smiled as tears started to fall down his face. Reaching out his hand, he gently caressed the glass panel as his tears started hitting it in droplets.

"Sky..." he murmured her name softly, his body shivering as he admired her face. Her eyes were closed and the small smile on her face made it seem like she was in peace. "What am I to do...? What am I to do without you...?" he mumbled under his breath as he slowly stroked the glass panel. "Ah... Sorry... I'll be okay...You will watch over Kailee and I... Right?" he mumbled some more. He slowly placed his lips against the glass panel and kissed it, his body still shaking uncontrollably. He heard people walking into the room, but he ignored it, placing his full attention on his wife.

"Dylan..." A deep voice spoke as a hand was placed on Dylan's shoulder. "Be strong..." he said. He turned slightly to see TOP standing beside him before turning back to Haneul as he slowly calmed down. Back and forth, people came up to Jiyong to comfort him and send him their condolences. It was a small funeral as Jiyong was a celebrity and he wished to be able to protect his family's privacy by not blowing it up too big. The only guests there were his close friends and family as well as Haneul's. Finally coming eye to eye with Haneul's parents, Jiyong bowed deeply at his in-laws, solemnly portraying his apologies and guilt towards them.

"Sorry that I didn't take good care of Haneul like I've promised to. I'm deeply sorry, Father and Mother." he said in great sorrow.

"Look up, Jiyong-ah." Haneul's father said in a deep, calm voice as her mother teared beside him. "It's not your fault. It's just Haneul's fate that she couldn't live longer. But she is a fool herself, ending her own life like this."


Out of nowhere, Haneul's younger brother, Hanbyun, came out and gave Jiyong a punch in the face, sending him crashing to the ground. Jiyong's friends wanted to help him up, but he shook his hand before turning to look Hanbyun in the eye. Instead of anger, he saw sadness in Hanbyun's eyes.

"I'm sorry, Hanbyun-ah." he apologised, not knowing what to say to the depressed young adult. With no reply, Hanbyun stomped out of the funeral hall.

"Sorry Ji-"

"It's okay Father and Mother. Everyone is definitely not in a good mood because of this. Hanbyun is no exception." he lowered his head, feeling shameful to face his in-laws after what happened to their daughter.

"Let's go send Haneul off nicely." Jiyong's father commented to everyone as Seungri, Daesung, TOP, Youngbae, Mithra and Seungyoon were ready to lift the coffin. He nodded as he turned to see his daughter in his mother's arms.

"Umma. Let me hold Hanyoung." Jiyong said as he reached out his hand towards his daughter and held on to her. Sending Haneul off into the fire, he bid his last farewell to his one true love.

Chapter 4

He held his daughter's hand as they slowly walk along the rows of tombs. Once they had arrived at the tomb of the person they were here to visit, Jiyong passed the bouquet of light blue and red roses to Hanyoung. The 5 year old held the bouquet in her arms and made a small prayer as she laid the bouquet on her mother's tomb. Taking out his hankerchief from his pocket, he knelt down in front of the tomb and started wiping her photo and the words that were engraved on the tomb.

"Haneul-ah... Hanyoung and I have come to visit you." he said steadily and softly.

"Umma..." Hanyoung called out to her mother as her small hands reached out to stroke the photo of her late mother. Jiyong held on to his daughter as he forced out a smile.

"Hanyoungie is 5 years old already..." he paused, "Which means you have been gone for 3 years now..." he said, his lips quivering as he tried his best to keep his emotions under control. There was so much he wanted to say to Haneul, but he kept them in his heart as he made a silent prayer. He wanted to tell her how much he missed her, how much he wanted her here with him and Hanyoung, how everything felt so incomplete without her.

"Appa, don't cry..." he heard a small voice comfort him as her warm hands reach out to wipe away his tears. "Hanyoung knows that Appa misses Umma... I miss Umma too..." she murmured to her father as her face to change. Jiyong reached out to hug his daughter tightly, feeling her warmth as his heart continued to tear apart at the thought of his wife. He started to hear little sniffles coming from beside him and he gulped in guilt.

"Alright... Appa won't cry anymore... Hanyoung shall not cry too, okay?" Jiyong swallowed his agony to comfort his daughter. Hanyoung parted the hug and turned towards the tomb and placed her hand on the photo again.

"Umma... Why did you leave me and Appa alone? I want you here with Appa and I..." her innocent thoughts rolled out bit by bit and Jiyong watched as Hanyoung conversed with the photo. "But it's okay... Umma is in better place now... Appa said that Umma will take care of Hanyoung and Appa from that place..." she smiled slightly, "Please take care of Appa... He seems really stressed out from work..." she prayed to her mother out loud and Jiyong cringed at her words, his heart shattering with every word that came out of the young girl's mouth. He choked on his tears, controlling himself as hard as he could.

"Umma... I miss you... And I love you, forever..." she stroked the photo gently.

"I'm so sorry, Hanyoungie..." Jiyong caressed his daughter's face as he lowered his head.

"It's okay, Appa. It's not your fault..." Hanyoung tilted her head in confusion as she patted her father's head, making Jiyong smile slightly.

Bringing Hanyoung to a restaurant for lunch, he ordered his usual as well as Haneul's favourites, Carbonara Spaghetti and Beef Sirloin Steak. As he fed Hanyoung, he started to speak softly.

"You know... This is the restaurant where I first met your Umma..." he said and it called Hanyoung's attention. Her ears perked slightly as she looked up at her father, waiting for him to continue his story.

Chapter 5

"What do you mean there are no more seats left? Don't you know who am I? I'm G-Dragon. What happened to my usual table?"

Jiyong ranted at one of the waiters softly in the restaurant. He was there for his lunch that day, but the restaurant was packed.

"Sorry sir. Your table is taken by that lady. We didn't know you would be coming by today..." the waiter replied in a flustered tone, not knowing how to deal with the situation. Jiyong frowned in anger as he turned to look at the woman who had taken his seat. His expression softened as he watched the woman twirled on her spaghetti. She was in a white collared blouse and a mini black skirt, a pair of studious yet classy spectacles on her nose as she was studying her laptop as she ate. He was overwhelmed by her charisma and beauty uncontrollably. Just then, her eyes looked up and he met with the most beautiful pair of brown orbs that he had ever seen in his entire life. With a pose of dignity and sophistication, she smiled at him before calling over the waiter that Jiyong was questioning. Nodding his head at her words, he literally ran up to Jiyong one more time.

"The lady said that if you don't mind, you can share the table with her." he st
archwolf-angel Aug 2016
One More Chance
He looked at her from afar, his fingers fidgeting almost every second. It’s been a while since he saw her. Her beautiful dark brown locks still framing her face nicely, her dark brown chocolate orbs still as attractive as always. As the snow falls, he watched her from across the street, her eyes meeting his as well. He could not help but think back to 7 years ago, how madly in love he was with her. She shifted her sight away from him before turning towards another man that was browsing the displays of wedding rings on the window. The other man placed his arm around her waist, hoisting her to take a look at the displays with him, the intimacy between them so high it could melt the snow. He continued watching her, until they walked away. She stole one more glance at him and their eyes met once again, but only pain remained between the gaze.


7 years ago.

After bumping into each other in Paris, Bryce and Skye hung out together in the streets of the romantic country after Skye helped Bryce to translate some words to a French store owner who couldn’t understand what Bryce was trying to request for. Feeling adventurous, Bryce suggested that they hung out together as since they both knew English, he felt that there was no harm in making a friend. For the fact that they met like this, Bryce called it; Fate.

“You are 21 years old?!” he exclaimed in the middle of their dessert as they were walking down a street market. She mock glared him and chuckled. “I don’t look like one?” she rolled her eyes as she licked off her soft cone. “No, I just never thought a 21 year old would be travelling around Paris on her own. Aren’t you a university student then?” he questioned further and Skye almost choked on her soft cone. “Nope, I’m not in school at the moment.” She shifted her eyes nervously. “And you? Not working?” she threw back the question, trying to keep the conversation topic off her. He shook his head evidently. “I have been unemployed for a while now, so I decided to fly somewhere to clear my head before thinking about what I wanted to do.” He smiled. She smiled alongside with him as they walked the streets of Paris, shopping for all the little things and bargaining for them.

As their day were about to end, they asked for each other’s hotel and realized that they were staying in the same one. “This is getting creepy.” Skye commented with a slight giggle as they went up the elevator, almost pressing the same button to the same floor. The two awkwardly shifted their orbs until they arrived at the same floor. They started walking in the same direction, only to realize their rooms were right next to each other.

“Fate, huh?” Skye made fun of the situation with an unbelievable tone before shooting him another smile. “Goodnight, Bryce.” She said before entering her room. Bryce watched as she entered her room, his heart sinking a little, feeling like he was already missing her.

“Maybe.” He muttered to himself in reply to her question. “Goodnight Skye.” He said as he entered his own hotel room.

The next morning came and the phone beside her rang. Groaning, Skye picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Hello. Up for more adventures today?” a male’s voice boomed through the line. “Bryce?” she exclaimed in shock. “Come on, I want to sleep in. This is a vacation.” She complained, attempting to hang up when Bryce taunted. “You are 21; you got to be more energetic than that.” Skye rolled her eyes in surrender and started to prepare for their outing. The duo visited several places in Paris and when late afternoon came, they decided to visit the Sainte Chappelle, one the most beautiful chapels in Paris. The interior took both their breaths away and they admired it in awe. Lifting her camera, Skye had already started taking photos of the wonderful place when Bryce spoke.

“Do you believe in love?” his voice echoed slightly in the wide room, which surprised Skye for a moment. Why would he go asking this kind of questions all of a sudden? She continued clicking on her camera as she put some quick thought to it. “I guess I would believe in love.” She replied. Bryce turned towards her, raising an eyebrow. “Why?” he smirked a little.

“Because it’s the closest thing we all have to magic.” Skye replied as she took her focus off the camera for a while and looked Bryce in the eyes, his soft dark brown orbs taking her breath away like the beauty of the chapel. Shifting her eyes, she looked away. “I guess it is. Love changes people.” Bryce bit his lips in deep thought before turning towards Skye again. “When did you say you were leaving?” he asked.

“Five days from now.” Skye replied.

“Cool, let’s make the best out of it for the next five days.” Bryce said excitedly.

“Wait what? You plan to spend the next five days with me? What happened to ‘travelling alone to clear your head’?” Skye chuckled, “And what makes you think I would want to explore with you?” she made a cheeky face, which made Bryce cringe on the inside.

“Come on. Don’t do that to me.” He laughed. Eventually, like magic happened, the two continued to enjoy the sceneries and food of Paris, making memories together with the new experiences they face for the first time.

The night before Skye was to return home, they visited the Eiffel Tower. From the rooftop, the view of the tower was magnificent and grand. Lit up by LED lights in the night sky, the outline of the tower was so much more breathtaking. Skye started snapping photos of the view and Bryce watched her from the side. He had a beautiful scenery right in front of him, but Skye’s beauty shone through the eye-catching Eiffel Tower he came all the way to see. He traced her ****** features with his sharp eyes, her jawline captivating his attention most. Her chocolate brown orbs were shimmering against the reflection of the light from the Eiffel Tower, her lips pulling out his inner demons. Feeling his gaze on her, she paused in her photo taking, turning to see Bryce’s passionate eyes looking straight at her. With no words said, she found herself moving closer to Bryce, and vice versa, until their lips met in a totally unexpected twist of events. He was attracted to her, so was her. It was the right time, right place, and right person. They soon pulled away from each other, shocked at their own actions.

“Sorry, I-“Bryce rushed to apologize to Skye but she stopped him.

“It’s okay. Don’t apologize. It would make it sound like you regretted it.” She grumbled, turning away from him as she spoke. Smirking a little, Bryce knew right then and there that the feeling was mutual. The kiss was fine with her and they both knew they craved for more.

Slowly walking back to the hotel, both of them came to their rooms again like every night. However, this time round, they both paused.

‘Should I? Should I not? But this is wrong. I can’t be doing this with a 21 year old.’ Bryce thought to himself and struggled to make a move.

‘I can’t make the first move. He would think that I’m a loose woman, right?’ Skye fought with herself mentally as the two stood in front of their doors for a good 5 minutes. “Erm… I’ll go to bed now, good night.” She greeted before scampering into her room, shutting her hotel room door behind her as she leaned against it. ‘Calm down, Skye.’ She spoke to herself some more as she listened to her own heart beat a thousand miles per hour. ‘Just go to sleep and stop thinking too much. You are leaving tomorrow. Keep yourself together.’ She told herself as she went ahead to take a shower.

Bryce fidgeted outside her hotel room door for a while before heading back into his own room. ‘Bryce, Bryce. Think straight. She is 21. Don’t be such a pervert.’ He struggled and slapped himself mentally, moving himself to go a shower to wash off all his complicated thoughts.

Both of them took their shower and threw themselves straight into their beds. But their heads were filled with each other and the kiss from the rooftop. Skye found herself feeling uncontrollable for the first time in 20 years. She was a beauty, she knew. She had multiple suitors before, fell in love a bit and dated. But it never felt like this. The feeling was unbearable. It was passionate and it just felt like she had to do it, if not she was going to regret it. “I need a drink.” She told herself as she dressed herself a little to head down to the convenience store at the hotel lobby. Just as she opened her door, she saw the elder male from next door standing right there, his hand in posture like he was going to knock on the door.

“Bryce…?” she murmured his name. His eyes widened as she opened the door before he could knock on the door. Although her make-up was removed, he could only think about how beautiful she looked with her wet hair down. They exchanged passionate gazes for a while before Skye felt herself being pushed back into her room by force. Everything happened so quickly she could only hear the sound of the door slamming shut and next thing she knew, she was up against the wall, her lips being devoured by Bryce. His masculine fingers gripping onto her wrist as he kissed her. She did not even know if this was right. But she knew it would be okay. Nothing was going to go wrong. Just go with the flow. The night was filled with passion as they made love to one another in the city of romance.

Morning came and the sun shone through the curtains, sunlight hitting on their faces. Wincing at the light, Skye cringed a little as she slowly opened her eyes, only to see a shirtless Bryce lying right next to her. It happened, it really did. But she did not regret. She sighed. She was leaving later in the afternoon. Fate may have been very kind to let her leave good memories of her and Bryce in Paris, but fate is still cruel to their future. They will be going back to their own lives in a few hours’ time. This love that developed was going to end. A kiss on the forehead made Skye snap back into reality as she saw Bryce’s dark brown eyes opened up close. “Good morning.” His morning husky voice greeted.

“Good morning.” She replied as Bryce held her closer towards him. Unknowingly, they treasured every second with one another. They shared another kiss before they both went into the bathroom to brush their teeth, behaving like a pair of newlyweds as they teased each other.

The time together was sweet, but it soon flew pass just like that and Skye was already at the airport with her luggage, preparing to board the plane back to Singapore.

“Will you be fine without me?” Skye jokingly teased as she smirked. Bryce honestly knew he would not be fine without her but he kept it to himself. “I’ll be fine. It might hurt a little but I have your email and social network connections. You can’t run away.” He said, holding her by the waist and pulling her close.

“I’m going to miss you.” He whispered into her ear as he hugged her.

“Don’t make this harder than it already is.” She hit him lightly on his back and commented, making him chuckle.

“I just have one question.” He paused, “Don’t you mind my age?” he bit his lips nervously, which only made him look her age.

“If I did, I would have pushed you away right from the start. Everything’s perfect Bryce, we were just with the right person, and the right time but wrong place.” She sighed a little. They both knew love existed between them but to keep a long distance relationship would be really tough for them. Would they even have time for each other once they get busy with reality? They were not even sure when was the next time they are going to see each other. They hear the announcement made for Skye to board her plane and Bryce held her hand tighter.

“Before you leave, I want you to know, I’m really crazy about you. I’m really going to miss you.” He confessed.

“Me too.” Skye said as she walked forward to give him a peck on the lips. “Till next time.” She lowered her head a little before lifting it to give him a smile. “I’ll call you.” She promised before departing.

As soon as Skye left, Bryce instantly left a message in her email.

I’m missing you already. Call me soon. – Bryce

But good news was far from reaching Skye as the first news she got as she arrived in Singapore was that her parents were getting a divorce. Her parents had always been having disputes but she never knew how terrible it has gotten.

“So you are telling me that dad has another woman outside, that’s why you are divorcing him?” Skye concluded her mother’s story as they spoke in the living room. “And it’s for real this time, huh?” she questioned. Her mother had just ranted to her about how her father had a mistress outside, and that they were definitely getting a divorce this time round, and that Skye was to follow her once their divorce was filed.

“Yes. And we will be moving to the other side of this city, and you will be transferred to another school.” Skye’s mother, Flannery, finished herself.

“Wait what? Why do I have to transfer to another school?” she pretended to be concerned about her education as it was the only thing left tying her to staying near her father.

“Don’t pretend that you care. I know you have been skipping school. Especially with your extravagant escape to Paris without my permission?” Flannery flared a little at Skye but let it go, afraid that her daughter would walk out on her to her father. “I’m filing the divorce with your father first thing tomorrow morning and then we will be moving and that’s final.” She said.

“Fine.” Skye gave up, “I expected this long ago anyway.” She sighed.

That night, Skye snuck out to look for her father, who was staying at a friend’s place after his morning dispute with his soon-to-be ex-wife. “Dad? I’m right in front of Uncle Tim’s house. Could you come out for a bit?” she made a call to her father and soon she saw him rushing out to meet her. Giving him a big hug, she apologized for not being around to help him when the dispute happened. She knew that her father was the kindest soul on earth and he would never dare to lie to her mom, much less get a mistress. “She is the one with another person, right?” Skye muttered into her father’s chest. She heard her father let out a big sigh. He knew that Flannery had already grew tired of him since the year Skye turned 10 but for the next 11 years, he pretended like everything was okay, and now he was finally going to be free from the pain and struggle he put through for Skye. He still loved Flannery, but what could be done? Nothing. He could only watch his beloved walk away with another man.

“You are not going to fight for my custody?” Skye spoke disappointedly. She knew that her father was too humble to do so; she just had to hear it from his own lips.

“Her boyfriend is much more capable than I am. He will be able to give you the best of the best. I heard that he had already arranged a good university for you to enter once you move there.” Aden spoke sadly. “I’m sorry, Skye. I’ve been a failure.”

Skye’s heart broke into pieces seeing her father in so much pain. She knew that she had no choice but to follow her mother and that she had to leave her father behind. It was heart-breaking to see him beat himself up so much. But she had no choice. Her father was right. He would not be able to support her in any way, even if it was to be in the name of love. For a good future, she could only leave.

“I’m going to miss you so much Dad.” She hugged her Dad tightly, “I’m going to come back for you and take care of you, I promise.” She said, closing her eyes as she tries to engrave her father’s warmth in her memories. She was not going to see him anytime soon, and it was definitely going to hurt.

“Just live well and let me know how you are doing every now and then. That will be good enough.” He said as he hugged her back, giving her tight squeeze. “Run along, you are moving tomorrow. You need to do a lot of packing.” Aden smiled as he spoke to his daughter, trying his best to hold back his pain to encourage her. He would not be able to give her anything, so holding back or fighting for custody would be redundant. He understood why his wife was leaving him for another man. He was incompetent and his priority was his basking career. It was not that he did not love his family, but his passion for music was meant to be pursued.

— The End —