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Sharon Talbot Jul 2018
I listened for an error but could not find
Anything to tell me that you'd erred.
The human voices were left behind
Among the dead, the long interred.
I wondered at the worry of a bard,
Whose penchant for making mosaics
Of dead and living shards,
Might wax a bit prosaic.

But 'tis nothing too commonplace for me!
I live in such a new land.
And look back where my roots might be,
Standing on a sunlit strand
And strain my eyes for thee.

And my ancestors who, distant, pass,
Clouded with poetry and pride.
The latter mean nothing, not even my last,
Grandparents who came here and tried.

Shoemakers, firemen and their wives,
Learned to dwell in a sprawling place.
But huddled like old Celts, converted, shrived,
As Saxon fires round them paced.

But all of that ended or so we thought,
One April day on a Lexington span,
Declared was freedom and dearly bought,
And a ****** new history began.

August 7, 2012
I was thinking about the ideals of some English colonists (and others) who thought that a revolution would change the New World into a paradise. We all know what happened, but the dream is still there...
Who the hell said the Woman had to cook and clean all the time?
Who the hell said the Woman had to be the only one to take care of the kids?
People, people
Can't you do a day to day schedule?
Can't you communicate with actual words?
Is what i'm, asking too absurd?
Isn't it time we polish this spherical ****?
We created by creating constant years of misconceptions and misconstrued judgement?
Is this world what we really want it to be?
Maybe personal world have been made, but not overall
Not by a shot heard around the world
The Lexington veterans are rolling over their graves
For my words of mention isn't suitable for all ages
Maybe when they're older
They'll understand
We can't keep it from them forever, you know?
We can't keep the prejudices forever, either.  

Somebody get me a new draft
I don't like this one at all
Write me a new one or i seek another client to do so.
Something has to change, we have to change
I'm counting on all of y'all.

— The End —