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Curly hair,
bright blue eyes,
you couldn't see past
the disguise.

You let me make
your heartbeat shake,
and felt my love reverberate
inside your chest,
making me your only reason for happiness...

but that's where it ends.
your happiness is dependent on me,
and truthfully,
that terrifies me.

It's selfish to make me feel
like I have to love you;
for yourself.
You're giving me that responsibility and
making me not only fight my own demons,
but fight yours In the progress.


It's never made because you drag me back,
your happiness drags me back,
back to those same words that are almost
like an apology I am saying to myself,
like my head is apologizing
to my heart
and to my

Because who are you to give me more demons than
I already have.

Your love is a joke.
you pass off your demons to other people
and develop feelings
based on how they handled

You trash talk the ones
not strong enough to support
the weight that somebody's happiness
and slowly,
they start to sink too.

And when they're both drowning,
how are they to save each other?
"Shall I be your siren?"

— The End —