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Anna Mar 2020
ah, love. singing.

weaving through peace lilies

a single swan's head

craning, not yet in bloom

I'm pruning and


roll your hands over


soft and sad

the TV mummers

low, dancing along with

laughs emanating from

soft cotton yarn, balled

up and around our raven fawn

warm slats of sun

wander in from the window

and the music

and the shears

and the mummers

and giggling peels

create the song

love intends to hear.
a nice afternoon with my husband and daughter.
Jaslin Goh Apr 2018
If I speak my mind
I unleash my inner thoughts
You must promise not to get angry

If I do not
I cease to be myself
You are content

If I speak up
I unleash the demons that whisper to our thoughts
You must learn to silent yours

If I do not
I cease to understand you
You fail to connect my mind
(now read it bottom-up/replace ‘you’ with ‘I’)

— The End —