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Steve Apr 2017
For the sake of completeness I'm putting this here. It completes the previous four poems all inspired by my daughter's marriage.
This was my speech at the wedding, I wrote it as an ode and it was my first and only public performance as a poet!
We had a fantastic day, my daughter had a dream wedding and I did get a few laughs.

Do I lose a daughter
Or gain a son
That's the question
I've been dwelling on
We always wondered
If she'd manage to find
Someone to love her
And treat her kind
The worry was
She'd pick an ****
Who'd ruin her life
As well as ours
Then came Simon
Caspers’ ghost
And I thought 'why aye man'
He's better than most
He could have been smart
Or good looking I suppose
He might have been fit
With a distinguished nose

But we'll take him as he is
Geordie accent an' all
Head in the clouds
But he’s quite good on the ball
And you never know under the skin
There might be great qualities
Hidden within
He does like a tab
And a flutter or two
He drives his own cab
And he loves a brew

So he's chose as his bride
Our feisty wee daughter
The angel of the north
And all that we taught her
A wise man many may think
Or a lamb that's led to the slaughter
Steph was in old Aberdeen
When he came on the scene
So he had to travel far
In a souped up little car
While she trained to be a teacher
Such a brainy wee creature
I have to confide
The apple of my eye
And the thorn in my side
But today all we see
Is this beautiful bride

So Simon took her to stay
Down Newcastle way
Where he taught her to speak
Like a duck with no beak
'Hey man'
I've heard her say
When the world and its dog
Weren't going her way
He's certainly opting
For a pressurised life
By choosing our Steph
As his awful wife
Sorry, lawful wife

They've already started
A family affair
With Lacy and Leo that fine little pair
So all of the best
On your journey ahead
Too late now
To choose freedom instead
But if there is a recipe
For loving bliss
It might go something
A bit like this

Keep your ears open and your mouth firmly shut
Always smile widely
And nod like nut
Remember woman
Can't be explained
So never try
And never complain
The last one
Is probably the hardest to do
But if you master the art
Life'll be much easier for you
And if you ever ask what's wrong
And she says 'nothing'
Work it out quick
Because it's a trick
And she's sizing you up for a coffin

If you can master
These rules
Before it's too late
Then you'll delay your trip
To the pearly gate
And if you've wondered
Why men often go first
Here's a little fact
I can put you onto
It's no medical thing
Or a genetical spring
It's as simple as this
It's because we want to.

But a word to the wise
So it's not a surprise
In the years that are yet to come
Look at our Steph
Then look at her mum
And if it's true what they say
That they turn out the same way
Then today your goose may be cooked
Because Simon my lad
Speaking as her dad
If that's how it works
Then you’re ******.
Steve Apr 2017
Skies above speak of love
Seas below wash and flow
Clouds between drift and dream
Through a porthole all is seen
Silver wings slice the air
Time and space take us there
Sun and sand's where we're led
To see my only daughter wed
The day is getting close, my daughter very soon to be married under an African sun.
Steve Mar 2016
Slouching  under the sun
Eyes squinting
Ice melting in your drink
The pool inviting you in
Time moves slowly
Affording space to think
You think about having a swim
Or letting the sun move
Over your back
Or going inside to see what's there
For a snack
Pour another drink
Flop back down in the chair
And wait
Till the sun slides over there
Maybe you'll follow it
And maybe you'll not
Palm leaves flailing in the breeze
That breathes on the Costa Teguise

Ironically it all ends too soon
On a sunny Sunday afternoon
Steve Oct 2015
The ceiling fan whirrs its way through the night
At some point the bed sheet becomes unbearably tight
And it's kicked to the bottom
Hot nights endured then quickly forgotten
Tossed and crumpled, kicked to the floor
Wrinkled and creased like a metaphor
And the fan in the ceiling whirring away
Sees too much and has too much to say.

— The End —