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Dennis Ayzin May 2019
Black mirror of Laguna waters
Two silent boats glide ahead
they leave no trail,
                like little daughters
the paddles make the noise instead

it’s dark and quiet, expectation
takes breath away, the boats freeze
the liquid sky, hallucination
the stars are flying or the breeze
like titan rose from mighty ocean,
it flipped the scales of universe
and milky way
                the stars explosion
was placed in waters to immerse
                the constellations …
are rushing by in midnight swim
Laguna’s glowing revelations
stars’ travel, gift of nature, dream …
Written after late night swim in Laguna with glowing plankton in Columbia.
Amelia Apr 2014
yesterday i saw dolphins
i swam with dolphins
their black knife jackknife dorsal-whatevers
slicing the water, scalpels into flesh,
disappearing, reappearing, disappearing,
a herd of silent Lamborghini cracking jokes at my expense
(looks plural to me)

yesterday i saw dolphins
i chatted with an old man
who said they're laughing all the time, diving for *******
"Oh yeah, we get dolphins here,"
he might as well tell me Jesus lives there, too
or some kind of black magic came through
making these creatures appear
his nonchalance is weird

yesterday i swam with dolphins
well, saw, not swam, viewed, not caressed
all i want to do is see them
all i want to do is breathe with them
all i want to do is float in the same sea with them

my heart ripped to pieces in appreciation

— The End —