M Jul 8
Such pretty words from such a collected
and soothing voice, a voice given
coherence by a pretty mouth.

Was that why I could believe your lies?
Why they were so beautifully constructed?

   So beautiful that even the most candor
of men couldn't tell the truth
from the fiction in your words.

and only I could see it once
your words became repetitive,
and the beauty of your lies
were too much to not go unnoticed.

only then could I label you as a beautiful liar.
elise Aug 2017
Handle with care
It said
On the side of that box
Tend caution
It said
Printed onto that sticker
It said
Labels on the glass
This side up
It said
Just underneath the arrows
Pointing to the sky

It said
Only after I had been broken
Likely to burst

— The End —