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Kasansa Kuya Jun 2020
a malignant haze
hitherto unnoticed and henceforth witnessed
the struggle of the enlightening
the ignorance and disdain
the death of George Floyd has driven me insane
I think people may feel this in these uncertain times.
It's been a long time
Since we last talked on the phone.
And it feels like our friendship
Hangs on a thread
And I don't like this at all.

Ring... Ring... Ring...
You used to answer at third ring.
Sometimes you'll even
Pick up before that first
Now I am afraid to call you
On my lonely walk home
Because, I know you knew
My fear of rejection
And lately
You've been rejecting my calls.

But I miss your voice
And those late night calls
And not feeling so lonely
While walking home
Because we share a virtual reality:
A third space for just you and me
On the phone
And we don't have that
What's wrong?
Written last night, June 5, 2015
On paranoia and friendships.

— The End —