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Dharmendra Kumar Apr 2020
Dur ** mujhase,
Baat nahi karte
Yaad nahi karte
Mujhe to isaki aadat hai
Is Dil ko tumse bahut shikayat hai

Kaye baar man kiya
Rok lu apne aap ko
Kya karu is dil ko
Tujhase hi chahat hai
Is Dil ko tumse bahut shikayat hai

Ankhe Tere tasbir pe roti hai
Khud ko dekh aayeene me,
Khud se puchati hai
Tere aane ki aahat hai
Is Dil ko tumse bahut shikayat hai
Pyarr shikayat
Dharmendra Kumar Apr 2020
Kahna tum bhi chahti **
Kahna Mai bhi chahta hu
Bas un shbto ka juba pe aana Baki hai
Chalna tum bhi chahti **
Chalna Mai bhi chahta hu
Bas us dagar ka milna Baki hai
Bhigna tum bhi chahti **
Bhigna Mai bhi chahta hu
Bas badal ka garaj ke hampe barashna Baki hai
Dag tum pe bhi lagengye
Dag mujh pe bhi lagengye
Bas kuch logo ka hampe hasna Baki hai
Ruth Kai tum bhi baithi **
Ruth Kar Mai bhi baitha hu
Tera mujhko, Mera tujhko manana Baki hai
Dharmendra Kumar Mar 2020
Ab Kar raham itna ki
Mujhe tu mil jaye

Bas sath tera ** chahe
Is **** se jaan alag ** jaye

Rusvat bhi manjoor hai mujhe
Ki mai raakh ** jau, tu bedag rah jaye

Tu yaad Kar ya na Kar
Mujhase kuch bhulaya na jaye

Ki dard Kya, jakhm Kya
Bas mujhe tu mil jaye
To illume the earth,
The sun has to be burnt.
This instance is known,
So I too learnt.

That I shall be scorching,
When you would leave.
Infact, I would be hindered,
But bestow my wish to relieve.

Thinking how would be the eve?
When my eyes would have tears,
And no vigour in my sleeve.

Then a liquid which is ignobly famed,
Would be complice of mine.
Would console my heart in this way,
So I can weep and whine.
This poem depicts the presumption of the poet's mood at the time of departure of his beloved for forever.
Last night, dreaming of you,
To me, my heart informed.
That your lips are so good,
For a french kiss to be performed.

In the very enigmatic dream,
You appeared as a doll of wax.
There was nothing but a scene,
We were clinging to the wall of ***.
Broken heart poem
I woke up early in the morrow
Due to clamor in my head.
I was distressed, gooey and restless,
It was the illation of what she said.

She said that she couldn't be with me,
The reasons were painful and dolorous to me
Burning in the flame of the anguish and parting.
Obligate enough was me, as she departing.

O lord ! How should I tell her, my sufferings?
She has been my passion, soul and other things.
You form match, It is saith,
So make her in my faith.

Else show me the way, how to forget her?
But think about me also, doest it better?
If this err you did, I won't spare myself,
If I manage some how, but what will happen to my elf?
Broken heart poem
Àŧùl Oct 2016
Had a fine sumptuous meal,
And received all good wishes,
Pal you looked so happy today,
Plus 28 years you completed,
You shall remember it all.

Best moments were spent with us,
In the lab we are one big family,
Rings of halo on your head,
Today on your birthday,
Heavy meals we all had,
Doing a lunch we did enjoy,
Another birthday comes so late,
Yes, obviously of the other labmates.

Afterwards, we might get separated,
Resting and working for ourselves,
Venerated is our Dr Mohanty sir,
Inches we are getting stronger,
Never getting discouraged,
D**efine he does a father.
Our labmate Arvind Verma has had a birthday today on 22nd of October, 2016 and we all enjoyed a lot at his birthday lunch at the highway food joint named Zhilmil Dhaba (pronounced jhilmil dhaaba) at the behest of our cool proteomics lab in-charge Dr Ashok Kumar Mohanty.

Even God will bless you with happiness, Arvind sir.

HP Poem #1208
©Atul Kaushal
बेटी हूँ तो मिटा दिया |

क्या थी मेरी गलती माँ,
जो तूने मुझे मिटा दिया,
अपनी ही हांथो से तूने,
आँचल अपना हटा दिया,

देेख न पायी मैं तेरी सूरत ,
कैसी थी माँ तेरी मूरत,
चली गई मैं यहाँ से रोवत,
कैसी थी माँ पापा की सूरत |

बेटी हूँ मैं इसी लिए क्या ,
हाथ अपना हटा लिया ?
क्या थी मेरी गलती माँ,
जो तूने मुझे मिटा दिया ?

यह दुनिया देखने से पहले,
क्यो तूने मुझे सुला दिया,
क्या थी मेरी गलती माँ,
जो इतना बड़ा सजा दिया?

" बेटी है तो क्या हुआ,ये है आँखों का नूर  |
जीने का अद्दिकार छीन कर करो न इनको दूर |"

                                                    संदीप कुमार सिंह |
                                       ( हिंदी विभाग, तेज़पुर विश्वविधयालय )
                                               मो.नॉ. +918471910640
Àŧùl Feb 2015
How much I love you,
This I know not.
But never I can survive,
Separated from you.

Someone else looks at you,
This heart gets jealous.
It then gets difficult for me,
To manage my heart.
I must then make efforts,
Stone hearted I must get.
What you would know,
How much I love you.

I have often seen people,
They bear separation.
How they bear it I don't know,
Each day far feels a year.
Since how long I wait for you,
This I know not.
But never can I survive,
Separated from you.
A rough translation of a retro Hindi song named 'Humein Tumse Pyaar Kitna'.

My HP Poem #786
©Atul Kaushal
Àŧùl Jan 2015
If I don't attain you after 6 years,
I'll turn a hermit for sure, so sure.

A hermit entire life I'll despise it,
I'll bunk society for sure, so sure.

The society will bear the blame,
Apart from me it is responsible.

For your scary future decision,
I will lead the life of an ascetic.

Turning a patient seems better,
Leading a loner's life is awful.

Would be calling me life-long,
A traumatized stalemate state.

This is no blackmail but truth,
Bitter it may seem but it's better to turn a hermit if I don't get you.

Because achieving is love for me,
Silent love is not my thing dear.
Listen to the peppy retro song called 'Tu Na Mili To Hum Jogi Ban Jaaenge' by Kishore Kumar.

My HP Poem #756
©Atul Kaushal
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