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Kai May 10
Some places always are full
yet still feel like kenopsia
Like hospital cafeterias
always hushed full of dull sounds

Everything feels like its ending
and sickness fills the air
With an uncomfortable quiet
in a place normally considered loud
eh, poorly written
Kai Aug 25
what is more convenient
than a convenient store

open twenty-four hours
waiting for me as always

to bundle my nerves up
and venture out again

when I get there at last
I'm greeted with silence

with the washed out lights
and tired apathetic cashier

a place where no one cares
and your business is yours

no judging eyes found here
for those sleep deprived tears
I always want to write like twenty poems when it's this late but I'm going to stop and try to sleep again now...
Kai Aug 23
it's still dark out
it's eerie and quiet
still as a grave now
It's so wonderfully spooky in the early morning. when all is still and silent, not a person in sight.

— The End —