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Abraham Avalos Aug 2018
Incarcerated with vexation & your mindset feeling captive
In hopes to ease the pain u medicate but nothing happens
Just looking for escape far from the rain that's looking drastic
U start to run away, all night & day cuz u can't hack it
But **** it, That's the test,
Give it your best & dont feel so frantic
Life always throws us hits so dodge em quick but keep your balance
For if  u just commit, u will make it, so don't u panic
This game is hard, but remain strong & I promis u will surpass it

                                                 - Abraham Avalos
Abraham Avalos Aug 2018
Today u feel the storm
rain down on your parade
U fight to maintain strong
But find it hard to keep the faith
Far from all your goals
Life's got u trippin on the way
U screaming **** the world
No one understands your pain
Trying to preserve your soul
& contain yourself from rage
As life throws another blow
U find it hard to keep a pace
For all u do is fall
U seem to get no break
Young & all alone
U look up at the sky & pray for better days
But don't u give up cuz u low & these days don't even show
Keep yo head up through this phase
Understand that change is slow
& soon you'll feel the suns warm embrace upon your face
We all have to pay a toll
Before we reach the pearl gates

                                                   -  Abraham Avalos
Amanda Jan 2015
The saying goes

"You always want what you can't have."

But even if I had you,

I swear
I'll always want you.
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
Even when my wonderful
universe seems like
a cosmic mess,

Even when
all these souls
leave us in the
form of death,

Even though I'm
underfed, underslept
and can't catch my breath,

I emit love
**and so who cares about all the rest?
change yourself.
change yo

— The End —