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Jose Gonzalez Sep 2015
Upon the sands I stood in vigil,

in my thoughts, in images of her and her song.

Here  i am, locked by land and distance,

unable to swim freely in her waters of calm.

How I wish to be part of her world,

to swim the currents of her soul in ecstasy.

Within thoughts, comes many things,

realizations of hurts, and desires that may not be.

I must depart from these beautiful waters,

know I am alien to this place.

I cannot stay any longer upon just a wish,

unable to be more to what she needs.

I must bear the sadness within me,

to walk away, red eyed, full of tears.

Leave her be, in her world to search,

to find one she deserves ever so.

To be content that she finds happiness,

held by another of where she thrives.

I am just an observer, witness to all she is

experienced bliss like never before.

I know now I leave with an everlasting dream,

an imprint in the sand where i stood.

I can only see from the distance, for the days to come,

to make cast of it and a place to reflect.

I know of what will never be of us,

but will always have to remember, her Siren's Song.

Copyright © J.L.Gonzalez 2015
Sometimes a wish is just never granted. However much it hurts  and to have the realization of it, it may be that a better door awaits, or the later pain would've been to much to bear.

— The End —