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KDFr Jan 20
My ancestors taught me to be bold, brave and outspoken.
My society teaches me to keep quiet, roll over and take the hand outs I'm presented with.
My spirit tells me to incinerate the negativity around me by adhering to beats of a broken heart in my chest,
Yes! My body wants me to fight fights in the wars between two worlds- theirs and mine,
But my mind, my mind is trapped in-between rifles and swords.
Can't you tell from the scars and holes?
I'm fighting to free my soul.
Anessa K Jul 2017
Many times I sit on my tarnished tear stained chair
Trying to figure out who is really here
I tried to paint a picture of how I actually feel
But I couldn't find the right colours to make it look real
Not one colour was vivid enough for me to see straight again
Not one trace of colour was bright enough to show my angonizing pain
Not one colour was deep enough to show you the wounds in my heart that I feel everyday
The only thing revealed on the never ending sheets of paper were..                                   
Teardrop stains
Never ending like my burning pain!
Nothing in this world can ever compare!!
To my teardrop stains
My picture of pain
Anessa K Jul 2017
She sits on her bed stiff and her body aching
Her daily pain arrives upon awaking
She struggles and fight to get out of her bed
It has only been seconds and the burning pain has already begun to spread
Spread like wild fire
Spread like a woman's desire
Single tears fall, this angonizing pain is rather extreme
A smile planted on her face even though on the inside she screams
Can't anyone see her sorrow and despair
No one believes her pain is really there
But she is a woman of great strength
A woman that protects her family so she would go to any length
She is voluptuous
Mostly vivacious
Forever she will fight this pain until her death
This burning and excruciating pain until her last breath

— The End —