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Mark Toney Oct 2019
Sixties Japanese Kaiju films
My recollection overwhelms
"Destroy All Monsters" was the best
Kilaak Queen's most evil intent
World and its armies circumvent
Want to watch it now?  Be my guest!

Mouths still move when dialogue ends
Earth is saved now all mankind friends
Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan too
Each unique with special powers
All of us kids would watch for hours
With time this genre I outgrew
8/5/2018 - Poetry form: Spanish Sestet or Sextilla - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Xan Abyss Apr 2017
Confined inside the tundra
Frozen beneath the dirt
Uncovered by a digging team
Unleashed upon the earth
Ancient in Origin
In Nature, a War Begins
Prehistoric Breed
Awakens now to Feast

From the soils of Lapland
It is freed
Citizens of Denmark!
Run and flee!
Terrible Lizard
Frenzied Feed
New Dragonslayers
Make it Bleed

It stands five stories tall
Armored scales, unbreakable
Weaving a path of destruction and hate
Nothing but death in its wake
Scandinavia meets her fate
Progress made a fatal mistake
Acid venom and neon flames
We will never forget the name...

High North Kaiju
It will find you...
New season of MST3K on Netflix!
Shayne Campbell Oct 2016
Nature is the solver
To her own equation
When imbalance rises
Her mighty offspring
Will smite it to all ends
As apocalypse incarnate

In the sea of creatures known to Man
The deepest ground of the abyss
There slumbers one unknown to Man
The blue whale is merely his hand
Sails of death cut through the water
His body radiates a nuclear terror

On the blue horizon he rises
As a mountain moving through sea
Standing in majesty greater than kings
The clouds are his crown and subjects dust
His steps tremble the earth and turn cities rubble
The roar of Godzilla is the horn for the end of Man
This poem is a tribute to Godzilla, one of my favourite movie monsters.

— The End —