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Jme Love Oct 2022
Im sure going to miss you Jimmy Lee Belcher

"Tomorrow" has become a word everyone of us use on a regular basis. "Ill do it tomorrow" "ill say it tomorrow" ill see you tomorrow" . But for some of us tomorrow never comes. And i sit here thinking did i ever tell him how much i appreciate him. Or how much i value our friendship. Did i ever tell him that i missed him when he wasnt around? I wanted to. But i told myself ill do it later tomorrow perhaps. Well his tomorrow never came. So now im sitting here thinking if i had just 5 more minutes with him i could tell him everything. But i dont have 5 more minutes. So now im beating myself up hoping he knew what would have taken only 5 minutes to say😔
R.I.P to a good friend taken way to soon.

— The End —