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Lost Soul Oct 10
I heard crying as i walk to the door
When i peer in the doorway
i see you laying on the floor

Looking up in the ceiling
you jump when u realize i'm there
though your eyes lack emotions
..."how are you feeling?"

One phrase broke your silence
you struggle to spit out a ....Fine
but you know you cant lie to me
your eyes tear up.. your "strong" facade brokes

Violet walls.... i stare at them surrounding us...suffocating us
U ask "does it get better?" what happens to us?

"Eventually it does... there will be something...someone
Dont underestimate its power, its magic
it will be the reason we lived"

"Your so confident, how are you so sure
do u remember what i'm going through
do u remember who u were?", she asks

"Of course I remember every since day
with flashbacks and panic attack
but with this gift I will always find a way"

"U and i will be okay"

"Just focus on yourself not everyone else
they don't care about u
they used us, only caring about their self"

"U will see that "she" the different
she is the best thing that happen this year
no longer will we care about them, what they're doing or where they went. Love is a powerful thing
Love that is unconditional  is even better "

"Everyone deserves someone to truly love them and I'm just so grateful to have been given someone too"

She wipes the tears off of her face, stands up and messages a random ******* Hello Poetry ....and that is
This is where my story really began
Andrew T Dec 2016
Jules why did we come here? We're walking across wet sand and hugging onto boulders, that are boomerang shaped. You hold an electric lantern and glow with light, as you walk along the shore. The stars shine brilliantly and I am sad because you don't look at me look the way you look at that lion-shaped rock.

I chew on gum and try to forget about the fact that you're puffing on a Marlboro light. My Uncle died of cancer two months ago, and this is why I now chew on dentine ice. You tell me to stop smacking my lips. I want to push you in your chest, grab your cigarette, and burn a hole in your cardigan. But I bought that cardigan for you last Christmas. It cost a whole paycheck.

I need a better job. But you got me that job. So at the same time, I'm grateful to work at a country club, sweeping the tennis courts with a broom, as I watch young people swing and miss with their racquets. The clouds begin to darken and cluster above the beach. My knee shakes violently and I know it's about to thunder and boom with hard rain.

I open my mouth and try to put my arm around you, pulling you in closer. But you start to climb a rock, crawling on its lopsided surface, and digging your heels into its cracks. You toss the Marlboro **** and brighten the intensity on the lantern. The light spreads across the rock and the beach, like glass shattering onto a tiled floor. You hold the bright lantern in front of your face.

I can no longer see your brown eyes, your black, curly hair, and your jagged nose. You look at me. But all I see is that bright and shining light covering and shrouding your silhouette. You turn right and stare affectionately at the lion shaped rock. I swallow my gum. I pick the cigarette pack from the sandy floor. I flick the lighter. My eyes close.

I miss you.

— The End —